You had planned your trip and now everything seems to turn away, the weather first. Here is the map and a list of things to do when it rains on Lake Maggiore!

Museums and Buildings to visit

There are several museums scattered around the lake and easily accessible depending on where you are. You can find the Archaeological Museum in Arona that collects archaeological finds from findings in the area of ​​Arona and its surroundings and has free admission.

The Museum of the Hat Art that tells the story of the manufacture of hats that was active right here from 1881 to 1981.

Or the villas, like Villa Giulia in Pallanza, beautiful with the sun but can also be visited in bad weather.

If your visit is in the summer, do not let a few drops of rain stop you. Villa Taranto (Pallanza) has a beautiful botanical garden admirable even from the bistro, to come out in the open when it stops raining.

Castello Rocca Borromeo (Rocca di Angera) is definitely worth a visit if you have not already visited it, while if you have already seen it you can take a trip to the Doll and Toy Museum nearby.

If you are passing through Stresa

Take a trip to the civic library! Centro Intern. Rosminian Studies

It offers visitors and scholars from all over the world: a Museum of Rosminian memories; the room where Rosmini died on July 1, 1855; the Historical Archive of the Institute of Charity; a library of about one hundred and ten thousand volumes, among the most complete in Piedmont on the works of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; a Publishing House (Sodalitas); a Foresteria able to accommodate scholars.

you can head towards the medieval village of Vogogna, to visit its castle not far from Lake Maggiore

Fun and Relax

In Locarno you can find a beach with indoor swimming pools and slides, a children’s pool and a pool with 38 ° water that comes out with whirlpools and waterfall showers.

or AquadventurePark Baveno, not as beautiful as that of Locarno but interesting to spend a gloomy afternoon.


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