Updated August 2019 Torre dei Corsari is the ideal destination for families or couples wishing to experience a holiday of sun and sea that love absolute tranquility and enjoy a holiday immersed in nature. The town is perfect for enjoying the sea from sunrise to sunset, perhaps sipping wine without having almost anyone around during the week (the weekend the place is a destination especially for local people and it is easy to fill the beach bars too) The dunes near the beach offer ideas for very picturesque photos and going up towardsRead More →

Visiting Matera … On the occasion of Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture  the city was stormed by visitors and it is therefore always better not to be caught unprepared for not creating further inconveniences to the small town and not to be disappointed in some last minute booking. Here is a small guide to Matera 2019, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993! First of all it is good to know that the city has its own special program for this year and every day there are eventsRead More →

Difficult to describe the city of Milan through a single point of view because you can live the same reality but in different ways and for this reason I will try to provide a broader overview of “How to live in Milan”. Agg. November 2018 Live the city Milan is one of those cities that you can only love if you are born, having become accustomed to the exhausting rhythms of the city. It becomes difficult to explain the typical rhythms of a large metropolis to people who have not been born even if it takes only a few yearsRead More →

If you happen to be in Milan there are many things that you definitely would like to do but for reasons of timing you can not visit. Here is an itinerary around the Duomo if the time available is half a day . We definitely start with a visit to the Duomo of Milan that in recent years has seen the introduction of a ticket for the visit (remains free for the faithful) and that you can buy quickly by skipping the queue at the ticket office through this link . In addition to visiting the Duomo and its marvelous terraces in the surrounding area,Read More →

I tried the Nautica restaurant in Arona as the protagonist of a TV episode on the best restaurants with a view. I was fascinated by the dish of raw food as I always go in search of good food but also the excellent dish. You can find my article on disciules.it The restaurant is located at the end of the city of Arona and therefore being more isolated of all it is far from any kind of chaos, both human and mechanical. There is the possibility to have dinner either on the turret or inside the room, so if you have preferences calls for aRead More →

The oldest existing cadastre  – Porro (1925) compiled the first “List of Italian Glaciers” (Parma, Ufficio Idrografico del Po, 61 p.) And immediately after Porro and Labus (1927) created the first “Atlas of Italian Glaciers” ( Florence, IGM) with the systematic census of Italian glaciers, among the most ancient glaciological land registers. 774 glaciers were recorded, represented in 4 tables at the scale of 1: 500,000. The list included 773 alpine glaciers and 1 Apennine glacier, the Calderone Glacier, in the Gran Sasso massif, among the southernmost glaciers in Europe. Porro, C. (1925) – List of Italian Glaciers. Parma, the Hydrographic Office of the Po, 61 p. (PDF) Porro, C.Read More →

Rome is a place where life is lived outdoors, but that does not mean that the city is not the victim of bad weather. Rain in Rome is more common than one might think. In the winter months of January and February, rainy days should be planned and can go on for days without stopping. Outside these two months, rain can happen at any time like anywhere else in the world. The rain in Rome is often characterized by heavy downpours that never seem to stop. Yet they always do, and the sun shines brighter and the sky looks bluer afterwards. If you are in Rome duringRead More →

A train to the south , to discover the unpublished Puglia and its religious traditions. Have you ever been in the Monti Dauni? In search of a traditional Puglia, far from the hubbub of August of the coastal areas, we find in the hinterland the Monti Dauni and the beautiful villages that surround it. An unpublished apulia, rich in history and traditions, welcomes us with all the wonder of beauty. I had theRead More →

The best terraces and views of Lake Como, including shelters, taverns and restaurants. Lunch and dinner overlooking the Lake Como Trattoria Baita Belvedere Bellagio Our restaurant, furnished in mountain style, lends itself to lunches, business dinners, romantic family celebrations and small ceremonies, accompanied by a priceless view of rare beauty www.baitabelvedere.it Refuge Martina Characteristic restaurant and mountain refuge (1300 meters) of family tradition since 1928, where you can taste typical local dishes based on polenta with meat of various kinds. The local specialty is the “Polenta Uncia”. Open every day from mid-June to mid-September. In the remaining period open only on weekends and holidays or on request. ReservationRead More →

Eat free at the restaurant, or almost. In fact, with TheFork you can book restaurants with a 50% discount and receive 50 euros to spend in a restaurant to eat totally free. Present a friend With the new formula presents a friend, going to the restaurant is always cheaper! Invite your friends on TheFork! Allow them to earn  1000 Yums  with their first reservation and you will receive  500 Yums  for having invited them. Below is my code for the first “10 euro free” (usable only when you reach 20 euros, or another 5 times at the restaurant or with a freeRead More →