How is Mytripmap born?

Mytripmap is born from my personal need to have travel maps comfortable and usable. Having to choose your itinerary is tiring and putting together routes and things to see is not always possible in a few days of wandering the Internet. This blog would like to succeed in providing for each place/experience clear information about what/where/when to see and do. Its main feature is that in fact you have maps created with Google Maps within each article, containing itinerary and more attractions to visit a place.

In addition to this I deal with social media and web, treating the most disparate articles and tutorials guides.

~ Tildesigner

Who am I?

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I am a Ui & Ux designer who is dedicated to the world of web and social while in my spare time I am a traveler with a passion for photographer. Currently I dedicate myself passionately to my blog travel dealing with travel itineraries from all over the world.

Where am I going and what am I doing?

It is not known, but with the hope one day to be able to perform my work with a privileged window in the Dolomites!

The real question is: Can Matilda ever focus on one project instead of opening 10 sites that talk about the same topic? Maybe not. Here is a list of my crazy online: (itineraries from the world)

 Il Piccione Viaggiatore (who I am and what I do) (personal website) (Routes of northern Italy) (Nature Travel) (Find your ideal aperitif) (tips for blogger)


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