Note: this post have been automatically translated. If you have landed on this article it is because you have already had the opportunity to affirm your audience and outline your audience and you are ready to get involved in a professional way and sell your services to accommodations. Every type of work begins with a lot of practice, and if your dream is to travel the world selling your services, here are the steps to follow before sending your request for collaboration to hotels that are usually willing to collaborate with travel blogger (find the list and the guide to buy at the end ofRead More →

There are so many types of clothes, especially when it comes to women’s clothes. Purchases never end because designers continue to amaze us with new, increasingly innovative ideas. When we talk about travel and clothes, it is important to bring the most versatile ones, as well as the most beautiful to show. But what exactly does it mean to have versatile clothes? For me it means having multipurpose, which can be used in multiple situations and with different temperatures. This means, for example, having a pareo that becomes shorts, a shirt or a complete dress if necessary. We clearly do not have to fill theRead More →

Updated August 2019 Torre dei Corsari is the ideal destination for families or couples wishing to experience a holiday of sun and sea that love absolute tranquility and enjoy a holiday immersed in nature. The town is perfect for enjoying the sea from sunrise to sunset, perhaps sipping wine without having almost anyone around during the week (the weekend the place is a destination especially for local people and it is easy to fill the beach bars too) The dunes near the beach offer ideas for very picturesque photos and going up towards the highest dune you will have a magnificent panorama over the whole beach and the sea. Where to sleep If yourRead More →

The itinerary of Davide, photographer of Rome, leads us to the discovery of a very particular Coast to Coast with a Film theme. “A Coast-to-Coast not classic and” straight “, as seen from this map, but based on my very own” Movie Tour “that I had been designing for years. It will not be a journey focused on landscape photography as I did  recently, not at least at least, but it will be more reportage-oriented and above all the discovery of the locations in which they shot some films that are now indelible in my mind. From Philadelphia to Ohio, from the southerly plantations of the deep southRead More →

The Femmeluxe site contains all the elegance that a woman looks for in her clothes to impress and succeeds very well. The portal is full of combined clothes; in this way you won’t have to go crazy to choose the perfect combination with your blouse or skirt because you can buy the pieces together. There are models of clothes of all kinds, from the most provocative to the most elegant so that everyone can find the perfect dress for every occasion. With the advent of Instagram it becomes increasingly essential to change clothes every time you decide to take new shots. The online availability ofRead More →

This is the story of a trip to the luxurious Mykonos , capable of giving unique emotions. With just 2 – 2.30 hours flying time from Italy, Mykonos is one of the most requested destinations during the summer. The flights can be very cheap, coming to spend just 50 euros for a return flight. Flight aside, the island is certainly one of the most expensive, but if you want to give yourself a luxurious, fun and romantic stay, you can’t do without this island at least one (I would say even more!) In life. My advice is to pay no attention to the fact that if you are lookingRead More →

Deserted beaches and romantic atmosphere in Agia Anna… To reach the beautiful island of Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades, we decide to land on Mykonos (or possibly Santorini) from Milan. We land in about 2 and a half hours (from Milan) and head to the port of Mykonos (15 minutes by bus or taxi). Bus or taxi? My advice is to do the calculations well; consider a 15m journey from the airport to the port if you use taxis (they cost around € 15 each way, fixed price between the airport and the port) or 30 minutes if you use the bus. This is not becauseRead More →

What to bring in your suitcase when you go on vacation? Clothes that do not need to be ironed! As good as you can be at bending all your t-shirts and all your pants you will open the suitcase and one day you may find it upside down. When I travel I usually choose to travel doing some stops. This means that I never stay in the same place for more than a number of days and therefore usually my suitcase is also my closet. I don’t always have the time to fold everything to perfection and some crumpled clothes is what I find myselfRead More →

Visiting Matera … On the occasion of Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture  the city was stormed by visitors and it is therefore always better not to be caught unprepared for not creating further inconveniences to the small town and not to be disappointed in some last minute booking. Here is a small guide to Matera 2019, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993! First of all it is good to know that the city has its own special program for this year and every day there are events and festivals. The historic center is divided into four parts: Civita, Sasso Barisano, SassoRead More →

The Burlingtons Restaurant is located in a prime location on Lake Windermere, in the south of the Lake District. The restaurant takes its name from the local list, but Burlington’s is not just a hotel restaurant, but a destination in its own right. Chef Lukasz specializes in French and English cuisine and uses only the finest ingredients and the freshest local ingredients. Dinner at the restaurant begins with the selection of dishes to be tasted, for two, three or five. We opt for the three-course menu (starter, main course and dessert for £ 39.95) but if you want to experience a real culinary experience myRead More →