At the summit of Mont Blanc , inside the glacier ” Mer de Glace ” and sleeping in a shelter at 2000mt … a wild itinerary to discover Chamonix and its marvelous mountains. We start our journey from Milan and the possibilities to get to Chamonix are many. Among these my favorites are: With the car: about 3h for a total cost of 100 euros (of which 60 only for the Mont Blanc tunnel) With Flixbus: about 13 euros per journey starting from Lampugnano and arriving in Chamonix (about 4 hours) Once we arrived in Chamonix we were greeted by a snowy landscape – contraryRead More →

If you are planning a trip to Chamonix but prefer a more secluded place to sleep, my advice is to head to Les Houches! You can arrive there in few minutes from Chamonix thanks to the bus that connects the two cities and stops right at the Hotel Rocky Pop, and the village is a good starting point for a weekend of relaxation or sport. You can get to Chamonix in a very low cost way from Milan thanks to the Flixbus connection with prices starting from 9 euros! This is the view from the room on a winter evening: Unfortunately Google does not haveRead More →

Davide ‘s five-day mini-tour (on Instagram v_davide) has allowed us to discover a part of this wonderful land that will tell you in this article. DAY 1: Italy → Aqaba In five days there are many activities to do; we started with relaxing snorkelling in the coral reef of the Gulf of Aqaba after a trip from Rome Ciampino with the airline Ryanair. After spending the whole day in the Red Sea, to admire the wonderful colors of the various fish and corals we toured the city. Jordan’s only coastal city is located on the Gulf of Aqaba and is home to the country’s onlyRead More →

Difficult to describe the city of Milan through a single point of view because you can live the same reality but in different ways and for this reason I will try to provide a broader overview of “How to live in Milan”. Agg. November 2018 Live the city Milan is one of those cities that you can only love if you are born, having become accustomed to the exhausting rhythms of the city. It becomes difficult to explain the typical rhythms of a large metropolis to people who have not been born even if it takes only a few years to enter the full MilaneseRead More →

If you happen to be in Milan there are many things that you definitely would like to do but for reasons of timing you can not visit. Here is an itinerary around the Duomo if the time available is half a day . We definitely start with a visit to the Duomo of Milan that in recent years has seen the introduction of a ticket for the visit (remains free for the faithful) and that you can buy quickly by skipping the queue at the ticket office through this link . In addition to visiting the Duomo and its marvelous terraces in the surrounding area,Read More →

Before organizing my personal trip to Budapest not having too much time to inform me, I read something here and there. Bizarre, you say, since I have a travel route website, but unfortunately I do not always have time for one of my biggest passions and I often prefer to rely on what inspires me from the photos I see on Instagram during my trip. If I had better organized my trip I’m sure that in 3 days I would be able to see all that I know now I would like to see but a bit ‘due to the bad weather a little’ lackRead More →

Choosing the right WordPress theme is crucial for your business, whether you are starting a new blog or you are planning to fix your current one. The appearance of your brand will be the first impression that people see when they visit your site they’ll decide in seconds if you’re professional enough for them to follow, sign up and buy from. So don’t let the look of your website face your business wobble! Investing in a quality WordPress theme for your blog is a must! A quality WordPress theme makes the difference Using a high quality and professional WordPress theme, quick, bug-free and secure, willRead More →

With over 17,000 islands to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start in Indonesia. Whether it’s sunset beaches and scuba diving that you’d like or the opportunity to buy some souvenirs, this list will be your guide to the most popular destinations.  Start your trip to Kuala Lumpur! This city has a lot to offer: the famous Sultan Abdul Samad Building in the city’s colonial quarter, the colourful market of petaling Street in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur or the indoor aquaria KLCC Aquarium. Don’t forget the inevitable visit to the colossal Buddha image standing outside the Batu Caves, enjoy the amazing flora and fauna ofRead More →

Two weeks around Turkey; Easy, difficult, feasible? Here’s how to organize your personal DIY tour to discover real Turkey. But if you are looking for an easier tour my advice is to rely on organized tours. The price is equal to that used for a do-it-yourself trip even if the stages are much less organized. If you want to read the tour of Turkey by bus please read Tour of Turkey (historic + Antalya) – with tour operator. (1200 apiece) Time, Budget and milestones Time: 2 weeks Budget: 1200 Euro approximately per head (of which 600 only of internal air displacement and from/to Italy) whileRead More →

“A click to start the search and you receive the list of ferries for Corsica on selected days and at the best possible price, from here then you proceed by choosing the time of return. For a better comparison, you can also order all races by price. ” It looks like the site leaving perhaps imagine to the customer that the price on their site is the best possible price. But is it really so? It is not unusual to find a lesser rate on booking than on the website of the hotel concerned but it is in most cases an unwanted mistake. LongRead More →