The Femmeluxe site contains all the elegance that a woman looks for in her clothes to impress and succeeds very well. The portal is full of combined clothes; in this way you won’t have to go crazy to choose the perfect combination with your blouse or skirt because you can buy the pieces together. There are models of clothes of all kinds, from the most provocative to the most elegant so that everyone can find the perfect dress for every occasion. With the advent of Instagram it becomes increasingly essential to change clothes every time you decide to take new shots. The onlineRead More →

What to bring in your suitcase when you go on vacation? Clothes that do not need to be ironed! As good as you can be at bending all your t-shirts and all your pants you will open the suitcase and one day you may find it upside down. When I travel I usually choose to travel doing some stops. This means that I never stay in the same place for more than a number of days and therefore usually my suitcase is also my closet. I don’t always have the time to fold everything to perfection and some crumpled clothes is what IRead More →

The Burlingtons Restaurant is located in a prime location on Lake Windermere, in the south of the Lake District. The restaurant takes its name from the local list, but Burlington’s is not just a hotel restaurant, but a destination in its own right. Chef Lukasz specializes in French and English cuisine and uses only the finest ingredients and the freshest local ingredients. Dinner at the restaurant begins with the selection of dishes to be tasted, for two, three or five. We opt for the three-course menu (starter, main course and dessert for £ 39.95) but if you want to experience a real culinaryRead More →

There is a place where peace and relaxation blend with fun and good taste, in the Cumbria region of England. Less than a couple of hours away from Liverpool and Manchester this region offers a vastness of events and possibilities. Windermere is our starting point to discover the beauties of this region. The terrace with swimming pool and outdoor whirlpool of the Beech Hill Hotel & Spa is located in one of the most panoramic points of the lake and offers a complete view of the wonders that this landscape offers us. It’s no coincidence that the hotelRead More →

With the advent of Instagram it becomes increasingly imperative to change clothes whenever you decide to take new shots. The online availability of clothes and accessories has therefore become increasingly a must! Keeping up with the times is now almost taken for granted and clothes are accessible to anyone, especially as in this case when it comes to an online portal with the ability to order practically anywhere in the world you are, so you don’t even lose for a second the chance to wear your favorite clothes. The Femmeluxe site contains all the sensuality that a woman searches for inRead More →

Difficult to describe the city of Milan through a single point of view because you can live the same reality but in different ways and for this reason I will try to provide a broader overview of “How to live in Milan”. Agg. November 2018 Live the city Milan is one of those cities that you can only love if you are born, having become accustomed to the exhausting rhythms of the city. It becomes difficult to explain the typical rhythms of a large metropolis to people who have not been born even if it takes only aRead More →

Founded in 1776 and located in the Valley of our Lady of Asumption there is Guatemala City, the capital city of Guatemala where I live in. The city is divided in streets and avenues but the streets has no name while each district has a zone number.  The weather is nice between 17-24 degrees the whole year while rainy season is from May to October and the kids goes to school from January to October.   GET A JOB In Guatemala city is veryRead More →