Difficult to describe the city of Milan through a single point of view because you can live the same reality but in different ways and for this reason I will try to provide a broader overview of “How to live in Milan”. Agg. November 2018 Live the city Milan is one of those cities that you can only love if you are born, having become accustomed to the exhausting rhythms of the city. It becomes difficult to explain the typical rhythms of a large metropolis to people who have not been born even if it takes only a few yearsRead More →

If you happen to be in Milan there are many things that you definitely would like to do but for reasons of timing you can not visit. Here is an itinerary around the Duomo if the time available is half a day . We definitely start with a visit to the Duomo of Milan that in recent years has seen the introduction of a ticket for the visit (remains free for the faithful) and that you can buy quickly by skipping the queue at the ticket office through this link . In addition to visiting the Duomo and its marvelous terraces in the surrounding area,Read More →

Mytripmap wants to show on the map places and situations as valid alternatives to the incessant rain of autumn days. Obviously each of us has their own preferences so I divided the map on levels according to the categories. Let’s start with a first consideration: in the summer when it is marked rain means “it will rain at 19.00 with a strong time of 4 minutes” and BASTA. So before canceling your outdoor plans consider the idea NOT to eliminate them and then regretRead More →

From the countryside to your home agrispesa.it agrispesa.it agrispesa.it AgriSpesa has been producing seasonal  products of small Piedmontese farms that use organic, biodynamic and integrated pest management techniques in the cities for 10 years  . With AgriSpesa you will receive fresh products from peasant agriculture coming from around 80 companies located mostly in Piedmont and Liguria. (AgriSpesa arrives in almost all of North-West) With AgriSpesa every week  eat good, healthy, seasonal products  receive fresh products  know who produces them, the techniques he uses  choose an agriculture that is more attentive to the earth  access to real biodiversity  assureRead More →

The Garage Italia Customs by Carlo Cracco and Lapo Elkann in Milan opens in Milan and unites the world of cars with that of the kitchen.  In the workshop master craftsmen and industry experts will personalize cars and motorbikes following the wishes of the customers. On the upper floor there will be space for cooking and taste. The Concept Garage Italia Customs is the contemporary evolution of Italian artisan excellence of a time and the desire to possess something unique. In addressing connoisseurs of the ‘Tailor made culture’ international, Garage Italia Customs wants to give the right value to the personality and aestheticRead More →

The shops of Citylife inaugurate and you do not understand anything. Articles scattered around the web copy-paste the same story, but in fact you can not understand openings, accessibility and schedules. 30/11/2017 Will it be possible to climb the Hadid tower on November 30th? No, the CityLife Shopping District mall will be inaugurated and part of the public park occupied by the Fair until just a few years ago How many towers are there? The towers for now are only 2 and not 3 as you see in some photos. It’s not all as you see in the photos yet. TheRead More →

Milan invaded, as it were, by bicycles, but with only a few cycle paths. Which is the most convenient way to use? The bicycle can also be a convenient means for those arriving from outside Milan and needs to make a stop or two meters to get to work. In this case the annual tram ticket would cost too much and it would not make sense to do it. Some in Milan are equipped with the scooter, comfortable enough to carry but not suitable for all the streets of Milan. If you want to use the bike in MilanRead More →

You would like to park in Milan, and maybe even on Saturday night. Forget it, unless you try to be crazy at 19 pm, maybe a hole can be found, but later you will not find anything, except an insured fine. Do not be discouraged, a solution is found. Usually the solution not to risk is to park in the silos; the price ranges from 2 to 5 euros per hour. Alternatively you should park far enough or turn a little (estimated time 15 – 20 min minimum) to get “ass” and find a place. Other solutions? park far away and take the tram, orRead More →

Where to take an aperitivo in Milan? Dove fare aperitivo a Milano? Discover on www.aperipiu.it or with this map!  The ones colored in purple are the “terraces aperitivo” meaning that you can take an aperitivo with a view. Usually a great one like Duomo of Milan or other chic rooftop bars in some important area of Milan. Then you might be interested in more than just an aperitivo; the happy hour. That mean “all you can eat like it’s no tomorrow”. So you must be able to discover where you can take an aperitivo and where the buffet are available. Are you interested inRead More →