Founded in 1776 and located in the Valley of our Lady of Asumption there is Guatemala City, the capital city of Guatemala where I live in. The city is divided in streets and avenues but the streets has no name while each district has a zone number.

The weather is nice between 17-24 degrees the whole year while rainy season is from May to October and the kids goes to school from January to October.



In Guatemala city is very difficult to find a job, and many people without education work in the Maquilas which are Corean factories that make cloths. Oportunites comes only if you have conections and does not matter if you have or not an education or if you are smart; if you have relationships, you can get a good job.



The currency money name is quetzal: one dollar is 7.50 quetzales and with one dollar you can buy a Coca Cola or a snacks.

There are some nice places to go such as the Hill of Our Lady of Carmine, the relief map, and Paseo Cayala, a shopping mall very nice Spanish style. You can find brands like vespa and Italian motorcycles there. There is places of recreation like Irtra that is a thematic park on the south of Guatemala city and you can enjoy also of the museums such as Antropology and History.

Paseo Cayalá

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The gangs or maras are situated in poor districts of Guatemala city; they are a group of persons with tattoos who use extorsion with people in the little shops in the poor districts. Everybody in Guatemala City knows where the poor districts are and even the people who deliver food knows it. In fact when someone calls to that place the guys of delivery says “sorry is in the red district we can not take your order.“

With visitors of white skin happen nothing because always them take tours or taxi cabs, the problem is when you ride the colective service of bus, when ride let´s say indians always push to you, like mean you are not welcome here, because you are different of us, mean if you are guatemalan. For example if I go to a pubblic building such as National Palace or the Relieff Map always them ask me my Id because them think I am not guatemalan for the color of my skin and my color of eyes them are green, grandson of italians here.

I suggest people go out til 10 pm if is arround the zones of hotels, if is in a alone district of their go by their owns 6 pm.

Visitor can rent a cab and deal with taxi driver what them want to do, in the zone of Hotels is safe always.

Col el Incienso, Guatemala


I like go to the south part of Guatemala and enjoy the ecologic parks, I like to go for breakfast on Sundays and have a big brunches with eggs and meat and other Guatemalan things such tamales, tamalitos, and tostadas.

People on Guatemala city go to the streets from 8 am to 2.30 pm to walk or use bicycles or roller blades because the streets are closed for them so that they can enjoy the streets with the families.

Poor families stay together and choose a monument for lunch on Sunday and play football also, then they choose avenue of Americas is on the south part of Guatemala city, and can enjoy a nice place. Not all people who lives on Guatemala city are natives of here, the 60 per cent of population comes from other parts of Guatemala looking for job here, only the 40 per cent are natives of Guatemala city, for that reason the week between Christmas and new years eve and also the holly week Guatemala City is Empty.

Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala | Tenedor del Cerro 


Guatemala city is a modern city with many buildings but considering that is a zone of earthquakes is forbidden to build a building over the 20 floors. Guatemala city has also special days such holy week or eastern time, where the people who lives on downtown make carpets of saddust of one block long to give pass to the processions that goes out of each church in Guatemala city. They make carpets that can take to create from 5 to 15 hours and all is made with love and patience and everybody waits for the processions on the streets of downtown of Guatemala city.



The life in Guatemala city is not easy, I’d rather not to drive because people are rude when they drive and rather scratch their cars than let you go in the line, or give you the right of pass on a road. The first ones who said “no discrimination” is the mayan descendant; people discriminate you if you do not have the color of their skin or look like them and you can go walking in the street and they can push you because they do not like you and they think that if you have white skin and other kind of color of eyes you are rich, and no one office In Guatemala can defend you!

Right now the people rather not go out for the violence outside on the streets for many reasons or do not go to mall because if you go to the malls they charge you for use the parking lot.


People like me goes from work to home and from home to work only, sometimes on Saturdays in the afternoon I go to a local coffee shops like Café “&” is a local cafeteria where you can buy a good coffee and a good sweet thing better than starbucks. The coffeeshop in Guatemala are a nice place for relax, and sometimes on Sunday morning I go to relief map, a true architectonic treasure find on north of Guatemala city, open to public in 1905, this map is the scale of how use to be seen Guatemala in that date in 1888 the president sent two guys to see how Guatemala was, this guys went by 5 years to draw mountains, rivers, and lakes of Guatemala, and them put the map in that area, in

1905 was open to the public, and in 1999 people of Nasa came to see if the map was correct, and in the 99.9 per cent was correct, if you have kids you can enjoy of this part of Guatemala known like the north race track here you will find a parade a fun park for kids, and you can smell fresh air by the trees, also close to here you have a baseball field.

I am the kind of person who enjoys on a part of the day the city the other part of the day I stay in home, is not to many options on restaurants here only American restaurants chains, but you get bouring of that. Sometimes on Sunday I go to Italian Club, is owned by the association of Italian ladies and you can enjoy here of real Italian food, has a pool and also tennis field. Bar el Portalito is a old bar made in 1932 where the Che Guevara and Fidel Castro use to get drunk famous for the beer black and blond beer and their snacks.


About the Author

Francisco Grazioso

Dar a conocer a Guatemala como un país con recursos naturales, arqueológicos y ecológicos, donde la magia y las tradiciones se combinan para iluminar la historia legendaria de la cultura maya, a través de la época de la colonia y la civilización y también apreciar la diversidad de flora y fauna que tiene este bello país GUATEMALA.



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