Difficult to describe the city of Milan through a single point of view because you can live the same reality but in different ways and for this reason I will try to provide a broader overview of “How to live in Milan”.

Agg. November 2018

Live the city

Milan is one of those cities that you can only love if you are born, having become accustomed to the exhausting rhythms of the city. It becomes difficult to explain the typical rhythms of a large metropolis to people who have not been born even if it takes only a few years to enter the full Milanese rhythm, not without a deep regret for the abandoned tranquility of their native country.

I really realized how much we were exaggerated when I went to have a coffee in any other city. I think that entering a bar is like a small summary on the lifestyle of its citizens.

Living the city is not at all simple; Restrictions for vehicles (Area C), fines, trams blocked by SUVs, ATM strikes (Tram and bus), cycle paths that lead to dangerous road intersections, delinquency and much more make Milan a real commitment for those who live there.


Entertainment is on the agenda with events and events every weekend. Even in the week the rooms usually close at 00:30 and it is customary after work to have a drink (around 19 to 20) typical Milanese that is considered a real meal. The busiest areas of the city and fulcrum of the nightlife are in general: Navigli area, Corso Como, Isola district, Brera, City Life.


In recent years, Milan seemed to have been made safer, with patrols that guarded the city day and night but in the last year Milan is returning to being unsafe. For tourists this means not leaving bags and suitcases unattended, even hanging for a few seconds – time to try a dress at the store. For those who live there means to know that at least once in life a thief will (or try to do) break into the house (necessary then the security door), or hold their documents on the subway or not be sure that going out alone is the all sure.

In many abandoned (and not ..) areas of the city there are Roma camps and it is therefore wise not to go through these areas. In particular we point out in the passage of the train of St. Christopher (with the entrance on the canals) and the Roma camp visible in the area of

Life cost

Living in Milan can be very expensive as well as offering different possibilities for real savings if you know the city and you know how to move.

Rent an apartment may be the biggest cost: about 600-700 euros in non-central areas of Milan for a studio apartment. It goes to 300-400 euros for a shared house.

Then there is the cost of the means (impossible – or almost – moving in the week with the car): about 300-500 euros for an annual subscription.

The cost to have internet at home is around 25 euros a month

For shopping at the supermarket you can count a monthly € 000 (for a couple)

Working in Milan

Work is very difficult to find, especially with a decent salary. There is a lot of demand but also a lot of devaluation but it is always advisable not to accept jobs for less than 800 euros a month in order not to devalue the labor market. The average earnings of a boy after a decade of work in a prestigious company can reach about € 1700-2300 a month, but most will not exceed 1500.

To find a job in Milan you can rely on a company of work or better to browse the many sites or groups on Facebook that put in communication demand and request. If you are interested in a specific sector, you can visit the websites of the companies involved and send a spontaneous application.




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