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The itinerary of Davide, photographer of Rome, leads us to the discovery of a very particular Coast to Coast with a Film theme. “A Coast-to-Coast not classic and” straight “, as seen from this map, but based on my very own” Movie Tour “that I had been designing for years. It will not be a journey focused on landscape photography as I did  recently, not at least at least, but it will be more reportage-oriented and above all the discovery of the locations in which they shot some films that are now indelible in my mind. From Philadelphia to Ohio, from the southerly plantations of the deepRead More →

Deserted beaches and romantic atmosphere in Agia Anna… To reach the beautiful island of Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades, we decide to land on Mykonos (or possibly Santorini) from Milan (Italy). We land in about 2 and a half hours (from Milan) and head to the port of Mykonos (15 minutes by bus or taxi). Bus or taxi? My advice is to do the calculations well; consider a 15 min journey from the airportRead More →

Davide ‘s five-day mini-tour (on Instagram v_davide) has allowed us to discover a part of this wonderful land that will tell you in this article. DAY 1: Italy → Aqaba In five days there are many activities to do; we started with relaxing snorkelling in the coral reef of the Gulf of Aqaba after a trip from Rome Ciampino with the airline Ryanair. After spending the whole day in the Red Sea, to admire the wonderful colors of the various fish and corals we toured the city. Jordan’s only coastal city isRead More →

Founded in 1776 and located in the Valley of our Lady of Asumption there is Guatemala City, the capital city of Guatemala where I live in. The city is divided in streets and avenues but the streets has no name while each district has a zone number.  The weather is nice between 17-24 degrees the whole year while rainy season is from May to October and the kids goes to school from January to October.   GET A JOB In Guatemala city is very difficult toRead More →

What are the “secret” places of Cuba to explore? We’ll tell you with the map of The Traveling Mechanic that leads us to discover Cuba with its Google map. (Do you also want to have a Google map in which to mark your favorite places? Your itineraries? Read the article “How to save the places of the world visited on a google map”) For each point is explained the reason for choosing through a photo, a comment and the related blog post. Here are some ideas The Cave Of FishRead More →