You would like to park in Milan, and maybe even on Saturday night. Forget it, unless you try to be crazy at 19 pm, maybe a hole can be found, but later you will not find anything, except an insured fine.

Do not be discouraged, a solution is found.

Usually the solution not to risk is to park in the silos; the price ranges from 2 to 5 euros per hour. Alternatively you should park far enough or turn a little (estimated time 15 – 20 min minimum) to get “ass” and find a place.

Other solutions? park far away and take the tram, or rent a mobike or ofo bikes (just install the app and connect a prepaid card)

Now some advice. Avoid parking in “abandoned” areas or near nightclubs. If you leave only something visible in the car, you could attract prying eyes. Now a series of “mother’s” advice, but not all of them often keep in mind.

  1. Avoid going away even a few seconds with the doors of the car open (no psychological terrorism, but better to be careful :))
  2. Do not leave things in sight on the dashboard or in the trunk
  3. Do not let people see you put bags or other things in the trunk when you park, maybe … make it one more time in another place
  4. Park on the sidewalk between 1 tree and another ok .. beware that the machines could close the passage and you are not exempt
  5. Beware of unauthorized parking, at the moment I have not heard yet that they destroy the machines if you do not pay the “lace” but always better avoid them …
  6. Attention to the price of parking, often the price is around 5 euros per hour.

Looking for some restaurant with parking or an agreement?

try a search on google (click on the map)

Where to find the parking meters

To find the Milan parking meters, just go to the Giromilano website. In this way you can search for the parking meters (by clicking on the relative icon that you see selected) and display also other services (metro, parking, etc.)


Through the capillary network of parking meters, which you can see on GiroMilano, it is possible to carry out various operations.

  • Park payment on blue strips
  • Purchase of tickets for entry into Area C
  • Purchase of tickets to travel on the ATM night network
  • activate the subscription recharged online or at ATMs
  • reload and activate the ATM subscription in a single operation
  • top up the RicaricaMi card with a city ticket, a 2×6 weekly ticket or 10 travel carnet


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