Milan invaded, as it were, by bicycles, but with only a few cycle paths. Which is the most convenient way to use?

The bicycle can also be a convenient means for those arriving from outside Milan and needs to make a stop or two meters to get to work. In this case the annual tram ticket would cost too much and it would not make sense to do it. Some in Milan are equipped with the scooter, comfortable enough to carry but not suitable for all the streets of Milan.

If you want to use the bike in Milan you have 3 possibilities: Bikemi, Ofo and Mobike. Which one is right for you?

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Bikemi is the service offered by the city of Milan and provides the provision of a number of bike stations around Milan from which to pick up and deposit the bicycles. The cost is an annual or daily subscription. The cost of the annual subscription is around 35 euros and there are discounts at certain times of the year or if you already have an annual tram pass atm. My review on bikemi.

Pros: reduced cost unlike other rental services that provide 0.30 every half hour. If you double-check whether your use is daily, Bikemi will be the best choice. The bikes are much heavier than other services but easier to use, thanks to the gears and the size of the vehicle. The ideal are the Bikemi electric bikes at a cost of 0.30 every half hour while for normal bicycles once paid the subscription the first half hour is free and the next will cost 0.30. If you have to do long distances you can leave after half an hour without running out of time your bike, wait 5 minutes and resume a nearby one.
Cons: You are bound to leave the vehicle at one of the city’s bikemi stations. The drawback is that you could find a full station and then not be able to park yours. You will have to park it near a new bikemi parking lot (without paying extra, but you will have to pass the card in the totem of the complete parking if you are more than half an hour). To avoid this you can at any time check the number of bikes and free stalls through the bikemi app.

Another point to the detriment; at night the service is closed, but depends on the time of year.

How to unlock a Bikemi? pass the card on the totem, wait to receive the assignment of the number of the bike and lift it strongly on the side of the hooks in front of the handlebars. To hang up, you’ll have to do the same thing.

Ofo and Mobike; which one to choose?

If you happen to be using the bike sporadically you may want to opt for the Ofo and Mobike services. You will find these bicycles scattered around the city, it can be said without a precise basic rule (except common sense, which often lack the citizens of Milan) and usually at close range, also in this case unearthed thanks to the relevant dedicated applications. To be able to use them, in addition to downloading the app, a credit card must be connected. Paypal is not currently accepted, so the most convenient method could be a prepaid visa (like postepay).

Cost ofo: the rental costs 20 cents the first half hour, 30 cents the second and then 50 cents every 30 minutes up to a maximum cost of 5 euros, cost of rental for an entire day

Mobike fee: The rate for 30 minutes of use goes from 30 to 50 cents. And, from now, there is also the possibility to make real monthly subscriptions, quarterly up to the annuals.

To unlock an Ofo or Mobike bike you have to open the app, select the bike that you have next to you and book it. (you can do it up to 15min before) After that with the app open select unlock and frame the code you see on the back of the bike or handlebar) Often stops with the error “busy network”. Turn off the app and try again. It should not take more than 1 minute.

To lock a bike you must drag the lock behind the bike until you close the “circular lock”.

My experience with Mobike was very bad, a very heavy bike (even if relatively small) with small wheels that make it look more like a tricycle. On the Milan pave I think I spent more time and struggled more with a Mobike bike than walking, running. Use it then only down (= never) or if you have a straight and you have the guilty of trying it.

Ofo instead presents itself with the gears and relatively more performing, even if it maintains the same heaviness of Mobike wheels.

When I recommend Ofo: when the tram does not pass in the evening, since the Bikemi service interrupts quite early in the evening.


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