The Garage Italia Customs by Carlo Cracco and Lapo Elkann in Milan opens in Milan and unites the world of cars with that of the kitchen. 

In the workshop master craftsmen and industry experts will personalize cars and motorbikes following the wishes of the customers. On the upper floor there will be space for cooking and taste.

The Concept

Garage Italia Customs is the contemporary evolution of Italian artisan excellence
of a time and the desire to possess something unique. In addressing connoisseurs of the
‘Tailor made culture’ international, Garage Italia Customs wants to give the right value
to the personality and aesthetic taste of each person, creating exclusive restyling projects
and custom-made, which are born thanks to the most modern solutions present
in the automotive sector.

The restaurant

The prices of the various dishes on the menu range from 16 to 28 euros for appetizers, 22 – 28 for the remaining courses and 12 euros for desserts.

The dishes are made to perfection with a mix of harmony between flavors and colors.

Here are some photos of the restaurant’s dishes.

Where is it?

Piazzale Accursio 86


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