Local Guides AmirN provided a beautiful map about Teheran in the Local Guides Forum Tehran is the capital of Iran the country of Persian empire. It’s nearly a new city rather than other big cities in Iran like Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Yazd, Kerman and others. Because of this and being capital, here you can see the modern face of Iranian life more than other places in Iran. On the other hand you can also enjoy from many buildings with amazing architecture belongs to great arts of the Qajar and Pahlavi ages. Cosa fare a Teheran in 48 ore? Your mission, shouldRead More →

Secondo il NY Times In the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, Lake Como deserves its reputation as a playground for the wealthy. Virtually deserted during the winter, the wishbone-shaped lake awakens from its slumber in mid-March when glamorous crowds begin flocking to the pretty towns clustered around its midsection: Bellagio, Menaggio, Tremezzo, Varenna. But in recent years, the city of Como, on the lake’s southwestern tip, has quietly blossomed into the most interesting spot for visitors of all bank account sizes. A raft of openings has infused new life there, transforming the oft-overlooked transit hub into the lake’s new place to be seen.Read More →

Places to see in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Potete vedere le foto qui Join to  Ukraine  local guides – https://goo.gl/mp1Zpj  and  Местные эксперты – Чернигов  https://plus.google.com/communities/105082918622634706188 Place to see in Rivne. Hello to all local guides. My name is Oleg I’m the moderator of the Rivne Local Guides community   from Ukraine Are you planning to visit Ukraine? Are you going to the famous love tunnel in the  Klevan? Do not forget to stop here and visit interesting places in the Rivne city, and the Rivne region. Rivne travel / culture https://www.google.com/maps/placelists/list/18mJczMFToWZFQJarAulkzx1AteI For foodRead More →

Visiting Delhi? Our #LocalGuides have chosen the best restaurants, bars, nightlife, and landmarks in this vibrant city. Local Guides is Google’s official community of global explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. Learn more and sign up here → goo.gl/LZl1PN     TRAVELLER SHOP Scorpri i prodotti di tendenza su Amazon!Read More →

Il local guide Tonik ha creato questa completa mappa di viaggio tra Slovenia e Albania, passando dalla Croazia, Bosnia e Montenegro. In this post, I’d like to share with you the Best of Croatia Google Map so you can plan your trip to Croatia, and also provide some insight, from an author’s perspective, into how I decided to make this map and how I helped promote the map to reach over 10,000 views. Note that the map also contains the best of Slovenia, Montenegro, and Albania which neighbor Croatia along the Adriatic Sea. Map contains places that visitors most frequently ask about, including:   PopularRead More →

Before discussing what to see in Trieste  we see how you can reach this city that was only outlet on the Adriatic sea of ‘ Austrian Empire . On approaching the target you will begin to see signs that show the Slovenian language, clear sign that you are reaching a border place where cultures come together to create one that will inspire them even more distinct to  visit Trieste in one day . Discover more here TRAVEL BY ARCHITECTURE Neoclassic Itinerary, Liberty Itinerary and Eclectic Itinerary. Discover all the Trieste Itinerary TRAVELLER SHOP Scorpri i prodotti di tendenza su Amazon!Read More →

Alcuni siti per prendere spunto su cosa fare a Roma Noidiroma.com Cosafarearoma.it  Three Days in Rome – Read the full itinerary Great walks in Rome: Altemps & Campo De’ Fiori www.rome-travel.org Di seguito una mappa completa delle attrazioni e dei monumenti di Roma If you want to visit amazing places out from the city ( max 30-40 km out from the city border) 1) Tivoli : villa adriana – Cerca con Google 2) Ostia  : Ostia antica – Cerca con Google 3) Tarquinia : necropoli di tarquinia – Cerca con Google 4)Palestrina : tempio di palestrina – Cerca con Google 48Read More →

Scopri con la mappa creata dai Local Guides i posti suggeriti da visitare a Bristol; dove mangiare, dove prendere un caffè, cosa fare la sera, dove dormire, cosa vedere, arte e cultura ed infine dove fare shopping. TRAVELLER SHOP Scorpri i prodotti di tendenza su Amazon!Read More →

Con piacere scopriamo il blog di Stefania che ci mostra le bellezze della sua città; Modena. Nell’articolo del suo blog “Cosa vedere a Modena in un giorno” scopriamo tanti posti ed itinerari segnati anche su una comoda mappa interattiva. Che cos’è My Modena Diary? Un progetto digitale e personale che vuole raccontarti un territorio. Digitale perché siamo sul web. Personale perché è il punto di vista di chi scrive ma soprattutto è fatto da persone per le persone. Scoprite itinerari, musei e tanto altro su www.mymodenadiary.it A Day in Modena Tutto quello che può accadere a Modena nell’arco di un giorno: più diRead More →