Il local guide Tonik ha creato questa completa mappa di viaggio tra Slovenia e Albania, passando dalla Croazia, Bosnia e Montenegro.

Best of Croatia My Map

In this post, I’d like to share with you the Best of Croatia Google Map so you can plan your trip to Croatia, and also provide some insight, from an author’s perspective, into how I decided to make this map and how I helped promote the map to reach over 10,000 views.


Note that the map also contains the best of Slovenia, Montenegro, and Albania which neighbor Croatia along the Adriatic Sea. Map contains places that visitors most frequently ask about, including:


  • Popular towns
  • Accommodations
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes (note: I kept these together because there’s a lot of overlap)
  • Attractions and activities (note: I also kept attractions and activities together because of overlap)
  • Camps (camps are particularly popular in Croatia)
  • Wineries (Croatian wine is amazing!)


Few notes regarding the map:


  • I initially started this map to complement my first book on Croatia, the Adriatic Road TripThis was the first book ever published anywhere with a Google Map companion to all places mentioned in the travel book.
  • The map morphed over time to also include Slovenia, Montenegro, and Albania, countries which I have visited many times and are frequently visited by tourists visiting Croatia.

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