Davide ‘s five-day mini-tour (on Instagram v_davide) has allowed us to discover a part of this wonderful land that will tell you in this article.

DAY 1: Italy → Aqaba

In five days there are many activities to do; we started with relaxing snorkelling in the coral reef of the Gulf of Aqaba after a trip from Rome Ciampino with the airline Ryanair. After spending the whole day in the Red Sea, to admire the wonderful colors of the various fish and corals we toured the city.

Jordan’s only coastal city is located on the Gulf of Aqaba and is home to the country’s only sea port. Also worth seeing is the castle of Mamelucco, the site of one of the most famous battles of the First World War. The free public beach of Al-Hafayer, recently known as “Palm Beach”, is located on the southern coast, about 10 minutes from the center. Because of local sensitivity, Western women are unlikely to be tempted to go for a swim, while this is possible in the local villages and resorts.

DAY 2: Wadi Rum

About an hour from Aqaba, Wadi Rum, known for its particularly red sand, showed us breathtaking landscapes. In the desert it is possible to stay in “structures” equipped with well-arranged tents to admire, during the evening, a starry sky without equal. Through the structure itself, you can organize the desert jeep tour (about 4 hours) and even the morning walk to see the sunrise between the high desert peaks.

DAY 3: Petra

We left the next morning, we arrived in what was the most desired and desired stage: the city of Petra. The site stretches for 25km and seeing it thoroughly in a single day is practically impossible. After the classic soft ride that touches the main points of the site, our ascent to the monastery began . To arrive in front of this other imposing facade it is necessary that you climb about 900 stepsand I guarantee you that the effort is not a little. Also to keep me “trained” I ventured towards the belvedere overlooking the Treasury; another hour and a half walk. The site closes at sunset. The Petra by Night show is organized on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday; nice, suggestive, but it is not worth it too much, especially after the many kilometers that you will do to visit the site.

DAY 4: the North

On the fourth day we headed further north to visit the Church of St. George in Madaba, Mount Nebo and finally the Dead Sea , where we allowed ourselves a few hours of very healthy relaxation. All three of these activities can be safely performed on the same day, as each does not take too much time. As we did, you could commit the morning to visit Madaba and Mount Nebo, while the afternoon at the Dead Sea.

CONSIDERATION : along the coast of the Dead Sea there are exclusively luxury resorts, so we spent the afternoon at the Dead Sea at the Amman Beach establishment and then from there we went to Amman. A very well-equipped establishment, with changing rooms and restaurant, the entry costs 25 dinars and is the cheapest establishment.

TIP : I advise you to sleep in a resort if you have any way. At the dead sea spa we spent about 60 dinars the double with delicious breakfast, if you count that the public beach in two you spend 50, you absolutely agree.

Finally, sleeping in Amman on the fifth and last day we had the opportunity to visit Cittadella and finally leave for Aqaba (for a total of 4 hours of travel by car)

Venendo ai dettagli tecnici, per partire è ovviamente necessario il passaporto ma NON il visto se si atterra ad Aqaba. Comunque è possibile anche acquistare online il Jordan Pass che include sia il visto che l’entrata alla gran parte delle attrazioni turistiche compresi Petra, il Wadi Rum e Cittadella.
Per quanto riguarda tutti gli spostamenti ci siamo affidati ad Akram Yousef Mansour , an Italian-speaking Jordanian guide, who accompanied us throughout the trip making us discover the beauty, culture and traditions of this fantastic country.
I would also like to thank  Shaher Zayadneh,  who thanks to a sudden problem, could not spend these five days with us, but with great pleasure he came to visit us in Amman.

Dead Sea
Dead Sea

Useful info


Between plane, hotels, jordan pass and columbus insurance I spent 330 euros, but consider that the flight in some periods has cost also 100 euros less than I paid (I paid 112 and in November it was 28 euros including of priority) while if you take it well in advance you can also find it at 50 euros.  As far as the jordan pass is concerned, it can be avoided as the visa at Aqaba is not necessary and you can buy the tickets for wadi rum and petra directly in place saving 25 dinars.

CLIMATE:  the climate is varied depending on the area you visit even if the temperatures are not so low that you can not stand the cold. In Aqaba and in the Dead Sea it is fine (20/25 degrees) in the desert it is good in the sun but in the shade and in the evening it is quite cold. In Petra the temperatures are fresh around 15 degrees.

NO CAR? BUS:  the guide told us that transport services are not very efficient, and most of the locals move by taxi. For each movement make sure you negotiate the price of the route with them first. From Aqaba Airport to a hotel in the city center we paid 8.50 dinars in two. From Wadi rum to Petra we spent 35 jod, just over 40 euros.


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