USA movie tour

The itinerary of Davide, photographer of Rome, leads us to the discovery of a very particular Coast to Coast with a Film theme.

“A Coast-to-Coast not classic and” straight “, as seen from this map, but based on my very own” Movie Tour “that I had been designing for years.
It will not be a journey focused on landscape photography as I did  recently, not at least at least, but it will be more reportage-oriented and above all the discovery of the locations in which they shot some films that are now indelible in my mind.
From Philadelphia to Ohio, from the southerly plantations of the deep south to the Iowa countryside, from Missouri to California via South Dakota and Nebraska, from the ghost towns of Montana’s gold diggers to the green Oregon coast  ♥ ️  And so much more of course!
Together with Japan, the USA is one of my great loves, because of the cinema, in fact I have been there three times already, the first one back in 2000 when I was 22 and everything was so different from now. This time, however, it will be a fairly different journey because I will try to see completely different situations and situations between them, in the same country but almost always far from the big cities. “

These are some numbers from my USA Coast-to-Coast (“Movie Tour”):

✈️ 28 (+2) days of travel On The Road in solitary
🇺🇸 25 (out of 50 total) US states to visit and / or cross
⏰ 4 time zones to change
🚗 12,000+ Km to go
🎥 18+ movie sets to fantasize about

These are the films I’m going to relive:

– An Armchair for Two
– Django Unchained
– Interview with the Vampire
– 12 Years Slave
– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
– The Bridges of Madison County
– Close Encounters of the Third Kind
– The Goonies
– Little Women
– Short Circuit
– Forrest Gump
– Shining
– The Wings of Freedom
– Sweet November
– At the Borders of Reality
– Back to the Future
– Karate Kid
– Rocky

Some information

km per day: about 400 km per day

timing: 30 days

Car rental: from Boston to Los Angeles, around 30 euros per day + “one-way fee”, which for the maximum distance costs around 450 Euros.


Stay tuned for more details starting in October


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