What are the “secret” places of Cuba to explore? We’ll tell you with the map of The Traveling Mechanic that leads us to discover Cuba with its Google map.

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For each point is explained the reason for choosing through a photo, a comment and the related blog post. Here are some ideas

The Cave Of Fish The Cueva de los Pesces

Las Salinas, Zapata Swamp

Red Crabs in the bay of pigs

Soroa Cuba

“A different cuba. At the cost of 3 powerful cuc visit a small waterfall surrounded by a tropical jungle, pay attention to the path to get formed by many stairs even dangerous you may slip if not equipped with a good pair of shoes, due to high humidity .. “

Which route to follow?

An itinerary of a 1 week Cuba trip.

Here are two suggested itineraries for your tour to discover Cuba

Some advices

  • To travel around Cuba you use a Viazul bus or a shared taxi.
    Viazul is a public company that organizes tourist buses from one city to another. Search for more information, destinations and rates on their website. These buses usually need to be booked in advance.
    A shared taxi is a shared taxi. After booking a place, you will be redirected to your accommodation and taken with other tourists to your next destination. This form of transport is a bit less convenient, but faster and leaves you outside the door of your next accommodation. The price of a viazul bus and a collective taxi is about the same.
  • Do not try to visit too much and right away. The distances in Cuba are great and the roads are not always in optimal conditions. It is better to see a destination less than to see another place, but half.
  • Arrival and departure from Varadero. Flights to / from this destination are always cheaper.
  • VISA cards are the best option to get money from an ATM or a bank.
  • Upon arrival at Havana International Airport, you have no way of getting convertible pesos (CUC) from an ATM, since there are simply none.
    If you land in Varadero instead.

Total cost of an individual tour in Cuba for a 14-day trip

Airline tickets:

  • From Milan to Varadero and back: € 320 ($ 358)


  • Accommodation: 3 nights in a house: € 75 ($ 84)
  • Transportation from Varadero to Trinidad: € 18 ($ 20)

Total Varadero: € 93 ($ 104)


  • Accommodation: 2 nights in a house: € 40 ($ 45)
  • Transport Trinidad to Cienfuegos: € 5 ($ 5.5)

Trinidad total: € 45 ($ 50.5)


  • Accommodation: 1 night in a house: € 20 ($ 22)
  • Transportation Cienfuegos to Viñales: € 30 ($ 34)

Total Cienfuegos: € 50 ($ 56)


  • Accommodation: 2 nights in a house: € 40 ($ 45)
  • Excursion to tobacco plantations: € 20 ($ 22)
  • Viñales Transport in Havana: € 11 ($ 12)

Total Viñales: € 71 ($ 79)


  • Accommodation: 4 nights in a house: € 80 ($ 90)
  • Transportation from Havana to Varadero: € 9 ($ 10)

Total Havana: € 89 ($ 100)

Total accommodation, flights and transportation: € 668 ($ 747.5)

In addition, of course, there is also the price for food and drinks, extra excursions, souvenirs and taxis.
To go out for dinner you can spend as much as you want. For good food that remains affordable, you pay an average of € 10 ($ 11), usually less. Above all in Havana and Varadero eating out can become quite expensive. If you take on average € 10 ($ 11), for 14 days it becomes € 140 ($ 154).
Add some money for taxis: € 50 ($ 56) should be sufficient.

For a 14-day trip through Cuba I paid a total of € 858 ($ 961).


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