With prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 1000 a night, North America is definitely number one when it comes to tree houses. On the online booking platforms it is possible to book structures belonging to private individuals who decide to rent their fantastic tree houses for a few days.

Whether it’s the destination of your next trip or just an article to make you dream, here are the most beautiful tree houses with the possibility of staying overnight in North America!

In this map on Vrbo it is possible to see the location of the various structures.

From $ 1000 per night for a total of 12 people; a modern tree house nestled in the forest with a hot tub, fireplace and game room. What more could you ask for?

This one below is the most expensive of all, but certainly also the one with the most impact, as well as being in Mexico ! Starting at $ 1300 per night , this 3 bedroom property for a total of 8 guests is located in Punta Saluyita, overlooking the most beautiful beach in the area. This is not an isolated structure but a resort that includes other accommodations, with swimming pools and many services.

We are now moving to Canada, where for only $ 100 a night it is possible to rent a suite for 4 people with a wonderful view of the lake. Open the gate and step onto your private deck with a southern view of Okanagan Lake. The bridge is sandwiched between the Ponderosa pines and you will have many feathered visitors.

If you are an adventurous dreamer, then you cannot miss the next structure. The owners are artists and creative people who are constantly working to improve their farmhouse for the enjoyment of their guests and The TREE HOUSE was designed and completed by the owners and the post and beams used for the construction came from pine trees collected on the farm . Many of the materials were recovered from salvage depots or antique shops. Starting from 240 $ per night you can live a night totally immersed in the woods in contact with nature and in a crazy structure in Virginia (you could get there by car or by flight from NY)


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