The route of my trip I’ve been to most corners of the world and traveled a lot but without doubt the most fascinating place I’ve been to is Antarctica.

I would like to share my trip’s recommendations and some photos.


1. The best season to travel is January-February.

2. Travel with a cruise ship of maximum 100 people. This is because it takes time sail to the shores from the ship and back. It’s done by zodiac boats of around 15 people and that’s why a trip of more than 100 people would consume much valuable time.

3. It’s important to choose a trip that tours not just Antarctica. I would recommend to do a trip of first Folkland Islands, South Georgia, and last but not least – Antarctica. South Georgria is a very strong attraction, this place inhabits 10 people (fishermen) and 250,000 Penguins (!) I would recommend to not miss it!

4. A full round trip like the one mentioned in tip 3 is very expensive. If you want to lower the cost, you may travel to Ushuaia, Argentina (where the cruises for Antarctica depart) and register as a stand-by for non-full cruises that leave frequently. I would not recommend to take a shorter trip without South Georgia and Folkland Islands. Also, a trip off season would lower the cost significantly.

5. For those of you who are sea-sick – take the medication a few hours BEFORE the cruise departures 🙂

To conclude, in my opinion it was the top of my trips.

I am open to give advise not just on this trip, also on many other locations in the world, feel free to contact me.

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