The oldest existing cadastre  – Porro (1925) compiled the first “List of Italian Glaciers” (Parma, Ufficio Idrografico del Po, 61 p.) And immediately after Porro and Labus (1927) created the first “Atlas of Italian Glaciers” ( Florence, IGM) with the systematic census of Italian glaciers, among the most ancient glaciological land registers. 774 glaciers were recorded, represented in 4 tables at the scale of 1: 500,000. The list included 773 alpine glaciers and 1 Apennine glacier, the Calderone Glacier, in the Gran Sasso massif, among the southernmost glaciers in Europe.
Porro, C. (1925) – List of Italian Glaciers. Parma, the Hydrographic Office of the Po, 61 p. (PDF)
Porro, C. and Labus P. (1927) – Atlas of the Italian Glaciers. Florence, Military Geographic Institute. (PDF)

Italian Glaciological Committee – National Research Council (1959) – Cadastre of the Italian Glaciers, International Geophysical Year 1957-1958. General list and bibliography of Italian glaciers. Italian Glaciological Committee, Turin, v. 1, 172 p.
– Part I: List of Italian glaciers  (PDF)
– Part II: Bibliography of Italian glaciers  (PDF)
– Map 1: Schematic map of the glaciers of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta  (PDF)
– Map 2: Schematic map of the glaciers of the Lombardia  (PDF)
– Map 3: Schematic map of the glaciers of the Tre Venezie  (PDF)

You can visit the interactive map by clicking on the following image . (in case the link is no longer available you can still browse the site to find the correct link)

Like any association, the Italian Glaciological Committee (CGI) has its own statute that, as early as 1922  (see PDF) , defines the profile of the members, the methods of election and which are and what duration the institutional offices have.
The CGI is made up of individuals and bodies that in various capacities operate in the field of disciplines related to glaciology  (view list of CGI members from 1914 to 1977) .

The current status  (view PDF)  formally distinguishes:

–  permanent members , natural persons representing national institutions that support the Committee’s research activities:

  • Authorities of the Adige River Basin  (Largo Porta Nuova 11, 38100 – Trento) ;
  • CNR – Hydrogeological Protection Institute of the Padano Basin  (Strada delle Cacce 73, 10135 – Turin) ;
  • Military Geographical Institute  (Via Cesare Battisti 10, 50100 – Florence) ;
  • Italian Alpine Club – Scientific Committee  (Via E. Petrella 19, 20124 Milan) ;
  • Authorities of the Po River Basin  (Via Garibaldi 75, 43100 – Parma) ;
  • Autonomous Province of Bolzano – Hydrographic Office, Public Waters and Hydraulic Works  (Via Mendola 33, 39100 – Bolzano) ;
  • Lombardy Region, Territorial Information System Structure  (Via Sassetti 32, 20124 – Milan) ;
  • Autonomous Province of Trento – Dept. Civil Protection and Land Protection – Uff. Forecasting and Organization  (Via Vanetti 41, 38100 – Trento) ;

–  co-opted members  (see PDF) , scholars with particular experience in the field of glaciology, or representatives of local authorities that support research activities. The co-opted members remain officially in office for three years and can be reconfirmed;
–  honorary members , scholars who are recognized as excellence in the commitment of scientific research and in organizational activities within the Committee. Honorary members are considered members of the right to life. Currently they are:

  • Prof. Severino BELLONI  (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Milan)
  • Prof. Giovanni Battista CASTIGLIONI  (Department of Geography “G. Morandini”, University of Padua)
  • Prof. Paolo Roberto FEDERICI  (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Pisa)
  • Prof. Giuseppe OROMBELLI  (professor emeritus, Department of Environmental and Land Sciences, University of Milan Bicocca)

All the actions of the CGI are coordinated by an Executive Committee, composed of the President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Coordinators of the sector of the glaciological campaigns, the Presidents of the Study Commissions and the Working Groups.


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