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Torre dei Corsari is the ideal destination for families or couples wishing to experience a holiday of sun and sea that love absolute tranquility and enjoy a holiday immersed in nature. The town is perfect for enjoying the sea from sunrise to sunset, perhaps sipping wine without having almost anyone around during the week (the weekend the place is a destination especially for local people and it is easy to fill the beach bars too)

The dunes near the beach offer ideas for very picturesque photos and going up towards the highest dune you will have a magnificent panorama over the whole beach and the sea.

Where to sleep

If your goal is therefore that of total relaxation there are some houses for rent in the area that offer all the comforts and a spectacular view of the beach, reachable via a staircase and surrounded by greenery. If you prefer hotels you will find some in the main square of the town with lots of baby dance every night and on weekends until about one in the night, a pizzeria-restaurant and a small super market nearby. Therefore recommended if you have children because it is comfortable but not recommended if you want total peace.

Typical day at the sea

At the beginning of the beach there is a paid parking (about 3 euros half a day and 5 for the whole) but if you are guests of the various houses in the surrounding area you will be able to park it inside. The advice is definitely to position yourself as close as possible to the beach as the scorching sun of Sardinia is very strong.

In the beach of Torre Dei Corsari you will find a couple of bathing establishments (Sole & Mare and All’arrembaggio) which at the price of 10-18 euros a day will offer you two sun loungers and an umbrella. If you prefer do-it-yourself the space at your disposal is really so much. The beach is made of sand that gets thinner and thinner towards the middle of it.

Dogs are allowed in the entire beach from 2018 (even if the old ban sign has remained at the entrance to the beach) and the beaches are therefore dog friendly.


The sea of ​​Piscinas

Where to eat by the sea

The main bar offers brioches for breakfast (on weekends it is advisable to arrive before 10am to grab them) and other snacks and ice creams. For lunch (better to book) I suggest the grilled squid (4 euros each, recommend 2 each) to accompany with a salad.

At the entrance of the beach there is also a restaurant where it is possible to eat an excellent octopus (expensive and lean instead of grilled fish).

Aperitif in Torre dei Corsari

The cost of the aperitif wine is 3 euros while the cocktails are around 5. Prices may vary over the weekend.

Restaurant in Torre dei Corsari

This beautiful restaurant with terrace (Restaurant Torre dei Corsari) offers delicious fish dishes such as spaghetti with sea urchin (which, despite myself, had ended that day).

Entertainment near Torre dei Corsari

Unless you are in these places during the central week of mid-August there are not many funs in the surroundings, even moving towards Oristano. On Saturdays the few discos and bars on the beach offer ideas to spend an evening but we always advise you to inform and call the locals before venturing out as very often the premises are closed.

Some places we suggest are: In Oristano, the beachfront bar Area 39, the Beach Bar,  and the Lux Oristano nightclub.


Places of interest nearby

Surely the dunes and the beach at Piscinas!

Piscinas beach

Cagliari is a city to be discovered, but don’t miss a climb over the ramparts to have a 360 degree view of the whole city! In the evening this bar must be wonderful …



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