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Di seguito alcuni consigli e link per organizzare il vostro viaggio in Slovenia


If you need someone to plan your wedding, or just need someone who can offer additional advice about wedding planning in Slovenia, I suggest you contact Primavera Bled (http://www.weddings-in-slovenia.com/en/). They’re professional, helpful, and have been in wedding planning business for a long time.


Slovenian Tourist Board (https://www.slovenia.info/en) also has a lot of useful information. Here’s a great article with a good overview of some of the activities you can plan for your group: https://www.slovenia.info/en/press-centre/news-of-the-tourism-press-agency/6260-slovenia-honeymoon-d…. You can also email them to check whether they have any brochures on wedding/honeymoon planning.

Also, there’s a Slovenia Local Guides community you can join: https://plus.google.com/communities/111014677299208123666. @TomažG is the owner of the community.

Another resource is the Best of Slovenia app: Slovenia Top 100 (free).

Great to hear you’ll be learning Slovenian. Also get the Google Translate app which will come handy with phrases and words.


Slovenian wines and wineyards are wonderful. Here’s more info about the wines and wine routes in Slovenia: https://www.slovenia.info/en/things-to-do/food-and-wine/wines-of-slovenia.

Slovenia is known for its soups, stews, dry meats, and meat in general. See some typical foods at https://www.slovenia.info/en/things-to-do/food-and-wine/eat-like-locals. Also download the Taste Slovenia guide (free). My favorite restaurant in Slovenia is  Hisa Franko.

Ana Ros at Hisa Franko


For events, visit https://www.slovenia.info/en/things-to-do/events.




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