This is the story of a trip to the luxurious Mykonos , capable of giving unique emotions.

With just 2 – 2.30 hours flying time from Italy, Mykonos is one of the most requested destinations during the summer. The flights can be very cheap, coming to spend just 50 euros for a return flight. Flight aside, the island is certainly one of the most expensive, but if you want to give yourself a luxurious, fun and romantic stay, you can’t do without this island at least one (I would say even more!) In life.

My advice is to pay no attention to the fact that if you are looking for savings you can spend equally beautiful holidays in nearby Naxos and stop in Mykonos for a few days, rather than having a bad vacation in Mykonos. This article is aimed particularly at engaged couples who do not want to give up fun and luxury on vacation.

Live the island

According to mythology, Hercules buried the giants during the Gigantomachy (the struggle that the Giants waged against the Olympian gods, driven by their mother Gaea and the Titans) under the rocks of Mykonos. The name of the island itself is a reminder that seems to fit this event perfectly.

Take some time to walk around the ancient neighborhoods of Chora (the city) to discover that not all streets are occupied by people and that it could be enough to turn the corner to find yourself alone with the splendid city, and then return to the streets more jokes. Let yourself be captivated by the sunsets, and savor them in the bars that enjoy a wonderful view like the 180 ° Sunset Bar or in the little neighborhood of Little Venice, where you can dine or have a drink overlooking the sea. The city of Mykonos in the evening is a luminous jewel , in which to get lost in the alleys and the lights of shops and clubs.

The city is always very busy and if you are not fond of traffic, even on vacation, perhaps you should opt for a scooter. Buses pass quite frequently but are not recommended for not spending a stressful holiday waiting for the bus up to 20 minutes.

Paraga Bay

In the 70s it used to be a meeting place for happy hippies while today it is a very well organized beach with all the comfort to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Paraga Beach, a splendid bay of fine gravel, offers opportunities for all types of customers;

The Tasos establishment and restaurant offers sunbeds and a beach umbrella for the price of 40-30 euros a day, in the average of the island and at the restaurant you can eat excellent food at prices completely in line with the offer. If you want to indulge in a luxury holiday, you can’t miss the establishments that follow. The Mykonos St. Anna is indicated for those who, even during the day, do not want to give up music and fun, while maintaining a certain level of class. Prices in this case can range from 60 euros to 400 euros for a bed on the beach and 20 euros for a bottle of water.

Then we arrive at the luxurious Scorpios , the king of the bay. Reserved, located at the end of the bay and perched above the beach location which is easily accessible anyway. Loved and hated at the same time, this place is also ideal for an aperitif.

In this bay we also find a part of the free beach in which bathers can put their cloth and creeks away from the chaos where you can stretch out freely and enjoy the wild landscape.

Where to stay

The Kouros Hotel is located on a panoramic cliff with a breathtaking view of the sea and the sunset, a short distance from the city and easily accessible with the shuttle service offered by the hotel thanks to direct booking on the site. What we most appreciated is the attention and care towards the customer, from the reception to the services offered.

With the large windows of the suite room you have from your bed a view that sweeps along most of the island and in the evening the lights of the houses in the distance frame the view.
The hotel has a spa area which can be accessed free of charge to guarantee all the privacy you need and an outdoor swimming pool where you can admire the landscape from breakfast to dinner.

The breakfast is a magical moment in which they can delight the palate with the proposals of the kitchen as the croissants, pastries, fresh juice and freshly-brewed cappuccino.

No less magical is the moment of dinner on the hotel terrace, when the flavors mix with the changing sky colors. The Narcissus restaurant offers Greek cuisine with a modern touch. Located poolside, with the stunning decorative details of the dishes to make the dining experience unforgettable.

The hotel is located outside the busy area of ​​central Mykonos but within walking distance of it and within easy reach of the island’s main points of interest such as Lena’s House and Three Wells as well as the beautiful beaches accessible by bus from the city.

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