Here are a number of articles that enclose the principles to earn with Amazon! Why is Amazon one of the favorite tools from bloggers? Because it allows you to earn not only if the user clicks on a product recommended, but the link remains active for the following hours and allows you to earn on any purchase made by the user! Tutorials to earn with Amazon Plugin AAWP This new plugin seems to be reallyRead More →

A mini guide for South Korea and Seoul; what to see, what to do and where to eat. Free visit Seoul tour Did you know that Seoul Airport offers free city tours? Passengers can enjoy various sightseeing, cuisine and modernized Korean modern life. The main hot spots include, the royal palaces and museums in downtown Seoul, street youths around Hongik University, Dongdaemun market, and Incheon Port. Find out more in this post When to go to South Korea South Korea has four uniqueRead More →

A summary of some rules and rules for traveling on the plane for those who have always traveled and for your first time! Where and how to book You can book your flight ticket directly online (to check in online a week before or when the company allows it) or check in directly at the airport before leaving. You can also buy aRead More →

Continuing with the famous series of My Maps, now it’s the turn of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. With this you can enjoy 48 hours (or more!) In the city: restaurants, cafes and bakeries, night clubs, accommodation, tourist spots, art and culture and shopping. You can access the map via this link: although it is also incorporated here. 10 FREE things to do in Dubai 1-Dubai heritage exhibitions Exhibitions of potters, weavers and professionals of other traditional crafts and demonstrations of diving with pearls make the experience of culture and heritage of Dubai in Al Shindagha one ofRead More →

Premise You have chosen to create a free blog on to start your adventure, leaving aside the chances that can offer you. There is a big difference between and, as you may already know. You can create a free site on and not on In this post we will show you how to build and host your website on for free. It’s definitely not the best choice because you will not be able to use plugin, monetize and have a custom domain, but it’s a way to get started. If youRead More →

If you have seen Vigevano in the picture and plan to take a day trip, first of all debunk a myth (of whom perhaps only mine); the square is not as wide-angle as you can see in the picture. It is not so wide! it is very collected and deep, but not wide. This was taken during the chocolate festival.   If you want to admire it from above, I recommend a visit to the Torre del Bramante. Another stop not to be missed is the Visconti and Sforza Castle. All the stages are easily accessible on foot, turning and getting lost in the alleys,Read More →

Lake Tovel is an alpine lake located in the municipality of Ville d’Anaunia in Val di Non (Province of Trento) at a height of 1178 m. The lake is certainly one of my favorites thanks to the color of its water that reflects the surrounding landscape and transparency. For me it is one of the most magical places, like that of Carezza. About 60 years ago the lake was famous for the reddish color it assumed during certain times of the year, a fact that no longer occurs. To enjoy every glimpse of the lake it is possible to make a round trip along itsRead More →

The mytripmap site uses the map made available by Google to create an itinerary or travel maps / placeholders. In our articles and in particular in the “itineraries” category you can see our personal use of travel maps. Alternatively, you can also use one of the tools described in this article: If instead you want to continue with the google guide: Through the Google My Maps site it  is possible to create a travel itinerary by inserting the stages , points of interest , and a whole series of icons to better represent everythingRead More →