You have chosen to create a free blog on to start your adventure, leaving aside the chances that can offer you.

There is a big difference between and, as you may already know. You can create a free site on and not on In this post we will show you how to build and host your website on for free.

It’s definitely not the best choice because you will not be able to use plugin, monetize and have a custom domain, but it’s a way to get started. If you are not yet sure of your choice, consider hosting your blog on hosting that can provide you with everything your site needs. Avoid the advanced plans, much more expensive than regular hosting and less services. If you are the first weapon and would like to try wordpress and start to understand how it works and then start building your blog with all the features you need try to consider getting started with a wordpress blog at local.

Let’s start!

Subscribe to

First you need to join at the following link:

Click Start now and choose the site setting you want (in this case, “start with a blog”)

The fields you need to provide are email address, username, password and blog address (domain name). The domains you can create are those with extension while you choose a custom one you will go directly to buy the paid version of wordpress that has now passed 4 euros per month instead of 2 that means you’ll pay about 48 euros a month to have a wordpress version is limited.

This obviously does not suit you and at this point you might consider the 24 Euros of a hosting site on which to create your site for free as Serverplan or bluehost (or the most expensive and performing Siteground)

Part 2: Activating the Blog

Check your email and click Activate Blog! to confirm the address.

In this step you need to choose a theme for your website. Choose any free theme, select it and go to the next step. You can also browse more free themes at the mailing list .

That’s when you get to the wordpess main bulletin board. You actually have two, one of and one of We will only use that for the free version or the one you see below


Part 3: Customization

Why is the theme you’ve installed on your blog completely different from the preview you saw?

The blog must be configured. To change the appearance of your newly created website. Click my blog in the menu bar and click Change appearance.

It takes patience to configure your blog exactly as you see in the picture. It is usually necessary to set as main page not the articles but a homepage, but the rules change according to the theme.

I’m trying to create mini video tutorials to help you configure the various wordpress themes. Being a work in progress, the theme you choose may not be available yet. Follow me on Facebook and Youtube to stay up to date!


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