Lake Tovel is an alpine lake located in the municipality of Ville d’Anaunia in Val di Non (Province of Trento) at a height of 1178 m. The lake is certainly one of my favorites thanks to the color of its water that reflects the surrounding landscape and transparency. For me it is one of the most magical places, like that of Carezza.

About 60 years ago the lake was famous for the reddish color it assumed during certain times of the year, a fact that no longer occurs.


To enjoy every glimpse of the lake it is possible to make a round trip along its banks, which is not at all demanding and lasts about an hour. You can also decide to stop and take a break along the Rislà beaches, in a beautiful light color where you will also find a small wooden structure to photograph. The path is also suitable for children and you can also find small tables where you can stop and have a picnic.

To get to the lake it is possible in any way; bike, car and on foot. In some periods of the year, the most crowded ones, the lake does not allow to be reached by car which must be left at the parking area below (town of Tuenno) and then moved with the shuttle. The shuttle is active every weekend, which during the busiest times is also activated by the Cles and Tuenno countries. The parking fee is around 10 euros.


Parking: extra charge

Point of departure: Parking at Lake Tovel, Adamello-Brenta Nature Park

Path: Circular trail around Lake Tovel

Trail: “Around the lake”, still along the lake shore Journey

time: approx. 1.5 hours





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