A summary of some rules and rules for traveling on the plane for those who have always traveled and for your first time!

Where and how to book

You can book your flight ticket directly online (to check in online a week before or when the company allows it) or check in directly at the airport before leaving. You can also buy a plane ticket at a travel agency.

Ryanair: Flight bookings made at one of our booking centers are subject to a Call Center Reservation surcharge which is pertained as set out in our Optional Supplement Table.  A reservation made for a flight operated by us is not transferable. All children under the age of 24 who are not allowed to occupy a place for security reasons are charged for newborns.

When to show up at the airport

It is usually good to show up at the airport at least 2-3 hours before boarding. Not so much because you may find it difficult to get to the airport (traffic, break the car etc) but more for the queue you might find at check in. If it is a flight of a few hours, it is usually all faster, but if it is a long and important journey you can find everything full and not be able to embark. Usually in these cases give priority even to those who arrived late and instead of doing all the queues is passed in front. This is not always the case and losing your flight or having to carry your hand baggage can happen.

What to do and not to do at the airport or in flight – Good rules

  1. Never lose sight of your baggage
  2. Do not alarm control personnel; especially in foreign countries, a wrong word can cost you dear.
  3. When you pass under the metal detector, do not wear clothing that contains metal parts and always leave electronic devices in your backpack.
  4. In this regard it is always better to avoid boots, boots or high shoes because they could remove them for a greater control.
  5. When you get on the plane try not to take too long to get settled: let the others pass and then get up to set up trolley and other things.
  6. If you travel with an animal the rules vary from country to country and from airline company. In Sardinia for dogs it is required an anti-rabies documentation from 30 days and no later than 12 months.
  7. In addition to hand baggage always carry with you a bag or a baby carrier to keep food or whatever you need during the flight to not bother the hatboxes.

What not to bring on the plane – prohibited

Liquids: Each passenger can carry liquids not exceeding 100ml in his hand baggage. The containers of max 100 ml must be placed in transparent and re-sealable plastic bags and separated from the rest of the baggage at the time of the security check step, as well as PCs and tablets must be extracted from the suitcase.

The following items are also prohibited: Guns, firearms and other tools that shoot projectiles (also fake), electric discharge devices, chemicals, irritant sprays, tear gas, objects with a sharp point or a sharp end included razor blades, cutters, long blade scissors, cutting items.

Credit card at check in

It is mandatory at check in to have with you the credit card with which you made the reservation, otherwise you risk not to leave. The speech is not valid if the check in has already been done online.

Some testimonials:

Max: The rule of many, many companies (british airways, qatar, iberia, omanair, airlanka, turkish etc … etc ..) wants to prove the legitimate purchase of tickets with credit cards and the one who paid must show the card on request or a photocopy with attached photocopy of the passport of the person who paid penalty on failure to board and PURCHASE IN CASH of a new ticket if you want to leave … the control is random but if you run into it there is no no loophole …. generally those who pay with VISA and activated the procedure ” Verified visa ” is not subject to checks, but it is still a good idea to have the card with you, or photocopies, or reports of loss that attest the property, or in the case of virtual cards statement of the bank with card number …. the check if done is very rigid and very often produces major inconveniences and strong arguments but there are no loopholes

Sabrina: The card with which we had made the payment had expired and at the check in they did not let us leave. We had to repurchase the tickets at the airport and once we got back we asked for a refund (obtained after many years)

Sara: I happened to not be able to leave with Air Berlin, having booked the flight with the credit card of my boyfriend’s mother that, obviously, we did not have with us. At check-in they asked us to show at least one photo of the card used, otherwise we could not get on the flight. The motivation that they gave us about this check was that it was already happened that the cards were stolen and then used to book flights.

Failure to present the credit card, in original or in copy (if you were not the card holder with which the ticket was purchased) could deny you boarding.

For more information about this you can check on the official Alitalia website

Flights to the USA, new rules

Let’s talk about the USA but for each country you intend to visit, inform yourself in advance about the new rules in force.

“From Thursday 26 October, passengers traveling to America will be asked a series of questions. The doubts of the companies and the invitation to anticipate the arrival at the airport 3 hours before “


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