Welcome to Chester! 

Of my mini tour in the north of England, Chester has certainly stolen my heart. A small but cozy town in the north-east of England founded as a Roman fortress in the 1st century AD. Everything seems to have remained perfectly intact, starting from the Roman walls that surround the city and which are passable with a magnificent view of the town from above.

The city can be easily visited on foot (even on a rainy day thanks to its galleries) and you can find many interesting ideas to photograph. If you are tired you will not miss the cafes in which to rest or good restaurants!

How to get?

Chester is easily accessible by train from Liverpool and Manchester if you are nearby for a trip. 

What are Chester’s “Rows”?

They are covered galleries that run along the main streets of the city on both sides thanks to which you can travel the city even during rainy days. On these constructions are told of very ancient legends that speak of ghost spirits, known as an ancient sailor, occasionally walking along the “Watergates Crypt” on Watergate Street, in memory of those years in which the ships set sail in the port of Chester.

What you see in the distance is  Eastgate Clock , built to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria (in 1897) and can be reached by walking around the city or on the Roman walls. The city is very lively during the day (around 6 pm, like all cities in the North of England) and it is very pleasant to walk around the narrow streets of the city looking at the shops.

What to eat in Chester

Certainly there is no lack of possibilities for an excellent lunch and dinner. In the pubs you can taste the typical foods of the places and personally I found really good this dish of meat tried near the historical center, in the square of Chester Cross.

Activities in Chester

Boat trips allow you to navigate the Dee River and an artificial canal that passes under the city walls while outside the center, the innovative Chester Zoo allows you to admire rare and endangered animals in their natural habitat.

Relax in the beautiful city park where children can have fun thanks to the mini train that goes around the park!

Don’t forget the Castle ; it was founded by William the Conqueror in 1070 and became the administrative center of the county of Chester.

Discover all the points of interest

You can’t understand how happy I was to know that squirrels are here too! They are very friendly and run against you looking for some food. Find them in the beautiful city park.

Where to sleep?

Chester is an ideal destination for the whole family, as are the beautiful apartments at Chester Apartments where you will find everything you need for your stay. I have personally stayed in one of these apartments (the most modern, while in the second one there were the real remains of the Victorian age!) And I found them very clean, comfortable and with a very nice and helpful owner. They are very large apartments and you can decide to book with many friends or the whole family!

What I most appreciated is definitely a relaxing bath in the outdoor spa , but I have to say that even the modern shower with incorporated Turkish bath is really amazing.

The apartments are located in a very quiet area of ​​the city but at the same time very comfortable because they are close to the station and the historic center.

All at a very affordable price! To get a discount or active promotions (for example often they offer tickets for the zoo) I recommend you book directly from their website.

This was my room; really very welcoming and with the window overlooking our inner courtyard.

In the morning we decide to try Hanky ​​Panky’s breakfast ! If you want to try them in all the formulas and sauces this is definitely the place for you!

One day in Chester?

If you only have one day, here is the perfect itinerary to admire the city and its surroundings!

Discover the itinerary on Google


Discover all the photos and ruins of Chester!


The ruins of Chester

In the map you find in the album you can see at a glance the two-tiered streets of the Middle Ages. All these wonders wind along the 4 main streets of the city and tell the story of the merchants who lived there, of the work they did and of the course of life. You can find the map at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester.

Chester has two peculiar characteristics, distinct from every other town or city in England, namely its complete circuit of the Walls, and its Rows or galleries.


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