Verona in two days

This itinerary is aimed at  tourists  who in two days want not only to stroll in tranquility in the characteristic streets of  Verona , but also to know in detail its main historical and artistic attractions.

Total day 1: 4.5 hours of visits + 31 mins on foot. Duration: 2.5 km
Total day 2: 5 hours of visits + 18 min on foot. Percentage: 1.5 km

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Walking tour of Verona

The tour begins with a sightseeing tour by bus among the most beautiful monuments of Verona: the sixteenth-century monumental gates Porta Palio and Porta Nuova, the castle and the Scaliger Bridge, the Gavi Arch, the Roman Bridge and the Roman Theater. The bus stops on the hill of San Leonardo that offers a breathtaking view of Verona.
After leaving the bus, the touristic itinerary of Verona continues with a quiet walk through the city’s squares and monuments: Piazza delle Erbe (ancient Roman square and today the market), Piazza dei Signori (political center of medieval Verona), Arche Scaligere , Casa di Giulietta and finally Piazza Bra with the Arena (Roman amphitheater). – Info

1-the castle and the Scaliger Bridge

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the Arco dei Gavi

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the Roman Bridge and the Roman Theater

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hill of San Leonardo

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Piazza delle Erbe

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Piazza dei Signori

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Arche scaligere

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Giulietta’s home

Images images for Juliet's House

Piazza Bra with the Arena (Roman amphitheater)

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