The beautiful galleries

A visit to the galleries like the “Galleria Subalpina” and those marked on the map

Galleria Subalpina - Piazza Castello / Piazza Carlo Alberto

pic by  MuseoTorino

Cafes and restaurants

Take refuge in one of Turin’s cafes to enjoy the atmosphere of time or the beauty of new things

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or Bar Palazzo Reale


or take advantage of the FAI days to visit historic places like the Palazzo della Luce


visit the bookstores including the International Luxemburg Bookstore (Nominated in March 2015 by the Argentinean newspaper Clarín as  one of the 10 most beautiful bookstores in the world)

and certainly a stop at the Egyptian museum

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Go up to the top of the Mole Antonelliana even in the rain, why not?

The Mole was initially conceived as a new Jewish temple.

visit to the faculty of architecture

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and some proposals from the forum of

Guided visit to the Fenestrelle fort, with the royal promenade, 3000 steps and 600 meters of difference in height for a total of 7 hours.
Official site of the Fenestrelle Fortress

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to the ciciu of the villar where there are extravagant natural formations in the shape of mushroom from the wedge parts, very beautiful
Natural Reserve of the Ciciu del Villar

discover them, with a miner’s cart go into an abandoned talc mine, lower your head!

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the grottoes of bossea, wonderful, it is absolutely worth it, I’m sorry for the Ligurians but these are more beautiful than those of toirano
Grotte in Piedmont, Grotte tourist Italy, Speleo tourism, Places to visit in Piedmont, Caves in the province of Cuneo, Mondov and surroundings

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zoosafari to pombia, lions, tigers, giraffes and rhinos that come to browse in your car
SafariPark Pombia (NO)


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