Telegram  has finally made it possible to edit messages, which means that you can clean up shameful typos even after they have been sent.

Messages can be edited on mobile devices by touching and holding a particular balloon, then clicking Edit when the menu is displayed. On the desktop, you can press the up arrow or right-click to highlight the correct message and then edit it.

Group or Channel?

If you want members to interact with you then the right choice is that of the Group. In the channel, members can register but do not interact with the channel

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Admins can set important messages

To fix a message I just have to touch that message. Caution; you do not have to hold down. In that case the possibility to cancel or forward the message will open. If instead you have to fix it at the top just touch that message and select “fixed”

I created a supergroup but I still can not fix my message

This is because you made it supergroup only after creating and posting that message. You can then delete the message, restore it and fix it.

How to edit a message

If you are in a supergroup the procedure is the same as used to fix important messages. All you need to do is tap the message and select edit.


Chat and Groups

How to fix a “top” chat

We will thus find ourselves having full telegrams of chat and groups. How to fix the groups that interest us on top of all the other chats? From the list of discussions, hold on to a chat and select “set top”

How to see all the participants of a group

Enter the group. Click on the title at the top. If you are on Android click on the 3 dots at the top right and then on “search for members”. In this way it will be much more convenient to switch from one user to another without having to be catapulted out of the chat every time.


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