The name is not easy to remember; Romantik hotel weisses kreuz . The structure can be remembered , even over the years.  No one today is able to say how long the Hotel Weisses Kreuz exists in Burgusio.

Hotel Weisses Kreuz is a place where clocks tick at a different pace. Quiet, relaxed . Spectacular scenery and unbridled entertainment can be found elsewhere. The modern and the old blend in the Hotel Weisses Kreuz to guarantee you a real holiday of pure relaxation in South Tyrol .

Architecture in South Tyrol

These are the special moments that remain in memory. An affectionate gesture, a tender word. We will give an elegant frame to your time together. Far from everyday life. In a special atmosphere with historical charm and luxurious comfort. Crown your love with a honeymoon in Val Venosta. Spend some pleasant time together on a romantic holiday in the Hotel Weisses Kreuz  and  the Zum Löwen Estate . Summer and  winter  .

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Warm winter in Val Venosta

With its slight crackling the fresh snow slides under your feet. The air seems to vibrate. Thousands of ice crystals dance in the metallic blue of the morning sky. All around, a pure and immaculate white. And silence. This is the beauty of winter in Val Venosta . Have fun with magical walks with snowshoes and throw yourself in the fresh snow never trampled. Enjoy romantic evenings by the fireplace and delicious dishes. Discover this absolutely unique sensation that we call sweet winter.

Price range: 85 € – 175 € – 216 €


Warm winter in Val Venosta



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