1. Did you know?

To find the Milan parking meters, just go to the Giromilano website. In this way you can search for the parking meters (by clicking on the relative icon that you see selected) and display also other services (metro, parking, etc.)

Through the capillary network of parking meters, which you can see on GiroMilano, it is possible to carry out various operations.

Park payment on blue strips
Purchase of tickets for entry into Area C
Purchase of tickets to travel on the ATM night network

Did you know?

It’s better to visit Milan by tram. You can buy tickets directly on the ATM app or by sending a sms.

Also, a ticket usually cost 1.50 euro if you are in Milan and some cents more if you want to go outside like Rho

You can go unlimits tram with one ticket but just 1 metro (tram + 1 metro)



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