Let’s start by clarifying that with professional we mean a well-built blog with which  you earn a living.

What exactly is a professional travel blogger?  Well anyone can start a blog and become a “blogger”. The barrier at the entrance is small, which has advantages and disadvantages. For example, there are currently thousands of personal online travel blogs, so stand out from the crowd is difficult.

However, my definition is that it is those who earn a large part of their income from travel blogging and are therefore considered professionals. This list is much smaller, especially in Italy. We do not know the numbers and performance of Italian bloggers because they are more shy than Americans to declare their profits. If I had to guess, I would say that less than 100 people make decent money directly from their travel blogs. S

and look for it on Google ” Here is how much I earn as a travel blogger ” you will not find anything outside of boring guides and few data in hand.

Building a Public is the Key!

Writing a diary of your travels for family and friends is easy, but apart from them, no one else cares. If you want strangers to read your travel blog, you need to provide something more useful, something you can not find on Wikipedia .

Cheap travel tips, food advice, details of what to do or where to stay, photographic inspiration, video entertainment, beautiful flowing narrative, humor, etc. You should always “follow your passion”. Otherwise, you will not enjoy doing what you are doing. The key is to follow your passion and at the same time provide something of value to your readers.

What are people looking for? It’s time to do some research. Just like when someone would like to open a new store in their city .. it should not open it haphazardly but following people’s needs. What travel questions are asked in online forums, Reddit and Quora  ?

If you already have readers, what are they asking in the comments and in the e-mails? Give people what they’re asking for!

It turned out that many people were looking for this information. The article is shared a lot and continues to receive constant search traffic.

Because? Because it’s useful! He is answering a frequent question.

Write interesting things

At face value, it seems rather simple. But when I say interesting things, I intend to do REALLY interesting things. Stunning, fascinating or stimulating stuff. The kind of things that are noticed.

Kayaking in Greenland, Crossing India, Camping in Antarctica, Vacationing in Yemen, Sailing along the coast of Africa. These are certainly very interesting activities to share. Caution; this does not mean that talking about the beautiful castle behind the house is not so spectacular, ANZI. Many people talk about their big business but maybe a few talk in an interesting way about what to see “behind the house”. Having few people writing about it will have more chance of being indexed in the top positions on Google.


Staying active on social media is important if you want to make a living with blogs. But it can also be a huge use of time. My advice is to be efficient with social media, but not to waste hours and hours there.

To give you an idea of ​​how much you could be (if you already have a good number of followers) is to schedule the posts in the morning and log in again in the evening to respond to comments. If you are still at the beginning you will need to let you know and comment and follow the images of other people, especially those of people who have already been followed or other bloggers to help each other. Commenting like crazy photos of others or putting me like it will not help you much in the growth of your profile. There are some tools that allow you to do it automatically, but the scent of “robot” will be clear to other people even in the first comment probably.

Remember to be  social  on social media. This means actively responding to comments and sharing the content of other people if you think your followers can appreciate it. Here are some specific suggestions for each network.


1-2 post a day, postcard type photos with short captions work well. Remember to tag yourself in the photos you post on your fan page, and even your friends will see it, increasing engagement. Facebook does not like third-party sharing apps, so do not use them.


4-5 posts or updates per day, links shared with some photos will have a better involvement. Just a hashtag or none. Schedule new blog posts to share 3-4 times each for the whole month. Occasionally tag the relevant tourism companies / groups, if necessary, could re-tweet it.


I found that choosing to post every other day is increasing my involvement for photos. This way you let everyone see the previous photo. Always enter the geographical location in your photos so that others nearby can find your shots. The longer descriptions seem to work well on Instagram – tells a story. Ask a question at the end to encourage commitment. To browse faster and comment on Instagram, use  Iconosquare Pro  from my pc.


Great way to spread their video businesses, it is not obvious how to publish non-trivial and boring videos.


Very useful resource to spread your blog to more I can not. For each image you publish (or better ad hoc graphics rather than landscape images) do not forget to affix your signature and direct them to your blog.

Invest in yourself and on the blog

It is said that a “bad” blog does not get success. But having a nice blog will help you instil confidence and professionalism to people who want to work with you. Therefore, investing does not mean just using your money to sponsor you on social networks or Adwords but also investing in your image and learning to become the Pr of yourself. You need a peculiar characteristic that differentiates you from others.

An important key to success as a travel blogger, or any blogger for this, is to stand out from the crowd. Branding is how you manage the way you present yourself to others. Rather than trying to be everything for everyone, it is better to focus on one or two areas of expertise.

Investing means investing time too. Because it takes a long time, practically the whole day of all our days to set up something useful. Instead, to understand the mechanisms that underlie the web it is useful to read and get informed, in order not to get unprepared when we have to rewrite all our contents the SEO key.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is when you modify your content to optimize it for search engines like Google. Take some time to learn how to master it for yourself. Or hiring a professional to give you a hand.

Along with SEO optimization, even creating your site’s authority is incredibly important. This means acquiring backlinks from other sites to yours through guest publishing, major multimedia features, high profile mentions, etc.

Treat your blog as a business if you want to make a living with it.

Build an Email List

Building a list of email subscribers is one of the most important things you can do for your travel blog. Perhaps more important than social media. People who subscribe to your mailing list are your real fans and dedicated readers.


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