Collaborare tra hotel e influencer

Note: this post have been automatically translated. If you have landed on this article it is because you have already had the opportunity to affirm your audience and outline your audience and you are ready to get involved in a professional way and sell your services to accommodations. Every type of work begins with a lot of practice, and if your dream is to travel the world selling your services, here are the steps to follow before sending your request for collaboration to hotelsRead More →

A media kit is essential if you want to use the blog in a professional way and forge collaborations with the various brands. To create it you need to know certain graphics programs but you can also create one easily online and in a completely free! Google itself provides different templates to edit online and then make available through a link or download on your PC. You can have this file for free and change it to your liking! To download it go to FIle-> download as-> Choose your format! That’s what I have a little bit personalized to better reflect the bloggers If youRead More →

How to monetize your site and earn money online You’ve started creating a travel blog and you’re starting to monetize your site. In This post you will find a complete guide to the best affiliate services to earn with your travel blog. For some of them I will also start guides (possibly also video) to explain better how to integrate these services in your blog and how they work. Premise: In This post you will find affiliate links suitable for a travel blog. You will not findRead More →

A multimedia kit is a document containing information about your business, product or event. They are mainly used at events and for launches as information packs for journalists to help them write their article. The name has also come into vogue with regard to bloggers and has taken on a specific meaning. The Media Kit contains information on the blogger and blog about how many visitors they have, the followers, analytics data, what you do and what can be given -and interesting- for someone who is thinking of collaborating with you. Here’s what should be happy: Contact details: includes contact  details of the person (name, short biography) Information on the blog:   includes a synthetic biography toRead More →

ContenutiFind flights with botsHow does it work? You can quickly review flight offers in your posts. Booking is easy! Use the links in the message to see the availability of your flight and other flight options. We will send you direct flight offers from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Find us on Skyscanner Deals Bot Bot on MessengerThe best Bot on Telegram for you! A chatbot  is a bot that provides automated customer service on a travel company’s website or operates through a messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger to converse with a traveler and assist in booking travel. Some companies take advantage of natural language processing and an instant messaging interfaceRead More →

The situation may be this: you are passionate about travel and photography and have started thinking about opening your own portal to collect them. You know or you have the conviction that all this will not bring you any profit and then you decide that a blog a bit ‘less professional can be the way that suits you. If instead your future purpose is to become a travel blogger or invest in your business and then have a return, this is the way that I discourage (open a free travel blog) Why not? Because it will be much harder in the future to invest time andRead More →

Let’s start by clarifying that with professional we mean a well-built blog with which  you earn a living. What exactly is a professional travel blogger?  Well anyone can start a blog and become a “blogger”. The barrier at the entrance is small, which has advantages and disadvantages. For example, there are currently thousands of personal online travel blogs, so stand out from the crowd is difficult. However, my definition is that it is those who earn a large part of their income from travel blogging and are therefore considered professionals. This list is much smaller, especiallyRead More →

ContenutiamChartsWordPress pluginMark the places of the world visited on the mapGoogle MapsThere are some sites or plugins that allow you to embed on your site the map of the countries you have visited. Depending on your site you can use one or more services. If you are using (a free site), most of these will be unusable because you are not allowed to enter a code of that type on your site (it is not supported). Let’s start with world66 a site that allows you to check the countries visited from the list and get a html code to insert on a page ofRead More →

Needless to say, nowadays many brilliant and impactful online projects can be found. It is therefore important to be unique, if you want your website to find its audience and become popular. How can you be inimitable? WordPress themes for lifestyle blogs have many features on their packages that will undoubtedly impress any visitor. For example: mobile device optimization, advanced translation options, creation of drag & drop pages, SEO optimization, easy customization, multi-layout pages, easy automatic updates, MegaMenu compatibility, powerful administration interface, customizable Google map, support for fixed menus , short and clean codes (which Google likes so much and allow you to climb the charts), GoogleRead More →

You have arrived at the end of your article and would like to insert a reference to your Facebook page or to one in particular, making the cover image, the profile photo and the button appear. To do this you should have a site that accepts this type of code, which some free blogs like may not accept. Try anyway as follows: Go to the Facebook developer page (do not worry, it’s really easy) All you have to do is insert the URL of your Facebook page in the section “URL of the Facebook Page”. To find the url ofRead More →