A ride through the Piacentini hills or the nearest baths of Pavia. An alternative destination for a different weekend , not very far from Milan 1h, 1h.30.

At the gates of Piacenza we find an expanse of many villages and castles to visit. In addition to the discovery we can complete the experience tasting the local products and not less the wines of the region. Keep in mind that if you come from Milan, despite the distance to be covered is not very much (about 1 hour) to move from one village to another can become a bit ‘more complicated, with minimum movements of 15 min to calculate (and therefore keep in mind a 30min extra for each stage you want to visit. ) Generally then in one day you can visit one of the stages that the area offers, although some require more time and others less for the visit.

One of the most famous villages is perhaps that requires more time for the visit is to Castell’Arquato (you can read a more complete description in this article ) in which you can visit the Rocca Viscontea , climb over the  Palazzo del Podestà , have lunch in one of the many restaurants and enjoy the excellent view.

The medieval village of Castell’Arquato

A little further away we find the labyrinth of the Masone,  perhaps the   largest labyrinth in the world worthy of a photographic stage if you are willing to spend about 18 euros.
All information on the site  www.labirintodifrancomariaricci.it .
Members of FAI and TCI, Italia Nostra, ICOM with a valid card are entitled to a reduced ticket for 15 euros.

Relax in Pavia and Piacenza

If you want to give yourself a little ‘ relaxation on the hills but not too far from Milan you can opt for the vicinity of Pavia . You will find the Terme di Miradolo and the spas of Cascina Scova waiting for you , both of which often make promotions that you can find either on groupon or on the wellness pits that sell online and in stores. They are not comparable to those of Sirmione, of course, but for a few hours of relaxation are more than good.

Results images for cascina scova

The spas of Cascina Scova often offer offers on the site, such as December 21, 2017 to exchange Christmas greetings in the spa, 2 hours of relaxation (admission at 10,12,14,16,18 Euro 8,00 per person. the Baths of Salice , always in the surroundings of Pavia, Waters of multiple properties, superior quality and very rich in beneficial mineral substances: these are the  Terme  di  Salice , a source of well-being that received the 1st level super rating from the Ministry of Health for the quality and the wide choice of treatments and spa treatments  .

It is a personalized invitation that the Terme di Salice offer you: they have special  agreements for  spa treatments , at the forefront  of wellness treatments , the  Terme di Salice  are ready to suggest the perfect stay to meet your needs, your desires. From thermalism as a medical device to  beauty treatments, the therapeutic action of salsobrojodiche and sulphurous waters gives health, relaxation, form and pleasure.


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