multimedia kit is a document containing information about your business, product or event. They are mainly used at events and for launches as information packs for journalists to help them write their article.

The name has also come into vogue with regard to bloggers and has taken on a specific meaning. The Media Kit contains information on the blogger and blog about how many visitors they have, the followers, analytics data, what you do and what can be given -and interesting- for someone who is thinking of collaborating with you.

Here’s what should be happy:

Contact details: includes contact  details of the person (name, short biography)

Information on the blog:   includes a synthetic biography to make understand and share interesting information such as the main themes.

Your followers:  who are your readers? women, men, age? why do they follow your blog? where do the visits come from? what strategies do you use? (social influencer etc)

Where can I find a media kit / how can I create it?

You can create a media kit with any program . Word, power point, photoshop … depending on your skills. Graphic programs clearly allow greater customization. I created a series of easy-to-edit templates (if you do not have photoshop you can download it as a trial version)

You can buy the media kit by clicking on the image below, at the price of 3 euros (different types inside)

Alternatively, if you do not have the skills to modify it, you can ask for it at a ridiculously low price!

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Google Doc Presentation Media kit file


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