Adventure parks, mines to discover or a trip to the countryside?

Here is a series of activities you can do with your children in Lombardy. On the map you will find updated from time to time what to see and what to do, so stay connected!

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Here are some illustrations and explanations of what is shown on the map


Schilipario mine

Visitors enter the mine with the necessary equipment (helmets are provided by staff outside the mine) on board a colored train that takes them to the heart of the mountain. After the first part of the visit you leave the train underground and continue the visit on foot accompanied by expert guides who will explain the 2000 years of history of the mines, the methods of excavation of the ore and the harsh conditions of miners. Entering a mine means retracing a place of collective memory; in fact, it is only by trying the experience of staying several hours inside a mine that you will begin to really understand what the miner’s job was supposed to be. And when, after having been for a while under the ground, you walk towards the exit and you see in the distance the dim glow of light, you can not help but feel esteem for these men, who gave up every day of their lives to the pleasure of light to allow their families to survive.


The visit lasts about 1 and a half hours. Inside the mine there is a constant temperature of about 7 ° with a humidity of 95%. It is therefore recommended a warm and comfortable clothing, with closed shoes. Helmets are provided by staff outside the mine.

In Bob both in summer and in winter

You can entertain your children all year on the bobsleigh! Where is it?

At the spaces of Gromo (BG), on Monte Pora, the Fun Bob

What is Fun Bob?

From this year, until the first snow, there is more fun in Val Sermenza and Valsesia! A monorail bobsleigh from the most exciting journey in Europe! The route includes impressive slopes and curves that will amaze even the bravest. Visit the site

Or Alpyland, the amusement park on top of Mottarone, not in Lombardy but not very far! A place from which the eye is lost towards the Alps, the lakes and the Lombard lands. There on the summit of the “mountain of the Novara” you can experience the sparkling experience of the Alpine Coaster, a track bobsled track open both in summer and winter, with runs from 4 euros. A fun for everyone and for all ages.


Why not take the children for a trip in the countryside or in educational farms? Exactly, farms where children can learn about animals, play and learn.

Educational Farms offer the opportunity to learn about agricultural activity, animal and plant life, crafts and the social role of farmers, educating them to conscious consumption and respect for the environment and nature.
Harvest, olive picking, milking and cheese and cured meats are just some of the activities and workshops that the area offers. On the farms and agritourisms that deal with educational activities on the farm it is also possible to find many animal species.

Agriturismo Cascina Corte Grande

The animal as a friend, as a work companion, as an essential source of food for humans (milk, meat, eggs, down, wool, honey) hints of ethology and zootechnics with languages ​​and contents adapted to the different evolutionary ages with visits to orchard, to the garden and to the garden of aromatic and medicinal herbs. Visit this site and the Children’s Farm


Why not try the good food of the farm while the kids have fun? Cascina Selva offers this and more; here’s what they say on the net:

Farmhouse near Milan but immersed in the countryside. It is a farm with stables for cows, pigs, donkeys, geese and other typical farm animals in order to let the children take a dip in the old farmhouse reality. Good food and excellent service. They regularly organize educational activities to entertain children with animals. During our Saturday lunch they let the children experiment how bread is kneaded …


The Gaggio Farm

At Fattoria Gaggio you can immerse yourself in the timeless atmosphere and natural rhythms of a real farm, explore the surroundings and enjoy relaxation.

The Pasquè Farm

At weekends they organize creative and educational workshops for children visiting with their family. Every Sunday you can spend an hour in the company of the nicest animals on the farm to learn closely what are their characteristics and their habits … Stake and fence tour by feeding the animals and petting the little ones. More shifts will be organized starting from 11.00am and 2.30pm
It is not necessary to book just show up at the Capanno del Gallo Ovidio for registration.
If the turnout will be numerous in the afternoon more shifts will be organized. The price is 5 euros per child.

Sleeping in a farmhouse with children?

Try the Cascina Caremma, which is in the Ticino park, the ‘Fattoria della Felicità’ agritourism in Val Seriana, the Fattoria Pasqué or La Pioppa in Lurate Caccivio (CO).

A walk with the Lama?

A moment to enjoy the mountains on the way and observe Lake Como from above, the old pastures and the entire Valle Intelvi with its mountains that have always impressed many visitors; a great company in complete relaxation to switch off from the usual routine, enjoy the moment of an unforgettable experience !!

duration of 3/4 hours € 25 per person – (site)

Has it occurred to you to bring your children to see the animals?

In addition to the numerous zoos marked on the map, my advice is to take them to places where animals are a little more free. as in the oasis of S. Alessio!

You can get there easily even if you do not understand from the outside (the only indication is an A4 sheet that is not visible when the gate is open from the street). You can easily park nearby. The first thing that struck us when we entered is fantastic grilled smelling that came from the picnic area. Too bad that the sandwich included the sandwich otherwise we would certainly eat the meat. There are two routes to do, one European and one exotic. We were with a three-year-old (who has practically walked all the time fascinated by animals and plants) and a pram with a two-month-old baby. The routes are relatively easy to travel with the wheelchair, the only problematic piece is at the end of the European route where there are about ten steps to enter and exit the underground tunnel. We were fascinated by how the oasis was built, nothing to do with a zoo or a park, but a real path in nature (which beautiful butterflies, otters, the submarine path, etc.), the materials natural that do not jar with the landscape, even the doors connected with ropes to avoid the simultaneous opening and the escape of the animals: simple and brilliant. Near the picnic area there is a play area where children can have some fun. A beautiful place where we will definitely return. -Tripadvisor

Read more about the oasis here:


Some museums are more suitable than others to entertain your children.

Civic Museum of Natural History of Milan

In the Museum you can find many animals and the room 7 which is completely dedicated to dinosaurs: the real joy for children!
Among the most spectacular specimens there is a reconstruction of a Triceratops, created in the seventies and become a symbol of the Museum for the Milanese, and a diorama that reproduces a paleontological excavation, containing the complete skeleton of a duck-billed dinosaur. .

Want to see the dinosaurs “live” here they are in the Prehistory Park!


and what about Muba? The children’s museum

Interactive exhibitions-games, events and workshops to encourage the creative thinking of children and learn by playing, a house where you can learn, play, get excited, make your own contribution to art.


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