New apps and new ways are created every day to mark your travel itinerary. 

My favorite is definitely Google maps (and Google My Maps)  described in this article , even if as a limit we can say that struggled to trace longer routes because it is dedicated in a meticulous way to find the route on foot or by car. So you need a leaner app, which is not there to track the exact path but still provides a fairly accurate idea of ​​where you are and where you want to go.

Before continuing with this article, if you have not already done so, take a look at

All sites to create itinerary and share your tour – Travel maps

The new Apps to create itineraries

Recently I published a tutorial on how to use the new VOLO app on my youtube channel 


This is an app for storytellers because it allows you to insert photos, comments and itinerary of your trip  and share it with other users. Useful as a travel diary allows you once your story is completed (so you do not need to create your travel route in advance or to schedule it but to tell it ) to have a nice illustration of your travel itinerary with nice puppets.

Below is a video in which I show you how to create your story and insert images and comments. The app becomes intuitive after the first use, when you can understand how to insert the various phases of the story in the correct position by dividing them for the corresponding days.




Journey Driven

Automatically track the route, share your current location and geotize photos, inviting friends and family to follow along with real-time updates.

This is a new application with launch in March 2018

Our phones can show us where we are even without Internet, SIM card, cell service or data plan. Your phone is a GPS device and Journey Driven treats it like one!

We want to connect with people and places. We are inspired by the unknown, consumed by curiosity and guided by the journey!

The traveler

  • Automatic and effortless – Record and document travel memories.

  • Share your trip – Invite friends and family to follow you

  • Track route and travel statistics – countries, days, distance and more.

  • Auto Geo tag photos

  • Real-time update of current positions and check-in

Check out the website


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