From the travelwithbender blog, the 13-day itinerary in Ireland

1. Dublin, Limerick

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2.  Cliffs of Moher, Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

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3. Bunratty Castle

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4. Limerick, Killarney, Ring of Kerry

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5. Killarney, Cobh, Blarney Castle

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6. FOTA Wildlife Park, Kilkenny

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7. Kilkenny

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8. Belfast

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9. Londonderry

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10-12. Donegal, Galway

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13. Dublin

“While the process with Rhino Car Hire was quick and easy, the real car agent in Dublin was not so much. Ireland is famous for the annoying car rental practices and we experience nothing less than what was already warned. A lot of hidden additional charges have been added by the airport to drop Northern Ireland tax charges to charge additional drivers’ fees for administrator fees. Really, there’s only one way to see Ireland and it’s on the road, but get ready for all the extra costs. ”

Worm View of Concrete Structure


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