We asked Muzakkir Masum about his country, and this is what he told us;

Weather in Bangladesh

Being situated in the tropical region, Bangladesh is bestowed with a variety of six seasons, among which three are easily distinguishable. Although it has a warm climate, the weather is mostly dictated by rainy season for a considerable period of time, more specifically from June to October. For a comparatively cold weather it is recommended to visit Bangladesh in the time of October to March, most of the tourist usually prefer travelling Bangladesh in this time of the year. The rest of the year it is hot, humid and uncomfortably hot (on an average of 30°C – 40°C).


Integration (of strangers) 

The most amazing thing one will find in Bangladesh is not it’s architectural beauty or colourful cities, rather it is the people of Bangladesh! People here are very generous and friendly towards foreigners. Especially if you have a bright skin tone chances are you will find yourself surrounded by curious people gathering around you. They will make you feel like a celebrity.

Despite living in poverty, they are the happiest people in the sub-continent. People help strangers with amazing hospitality. They will want to know about your journey, ask if you need any help, even help you voluntarily.

Getting a job (especially for strangers)

Before we move onto the topic, let’s have a quick look on the population of the country. As of 2020 it is estimated that the population of Bangladesh is over 164 Million. Considering the area of the country (which is almost equal to the area of New York!) it is a huge number. The number of job opportunities are being narrowed overtime while a big portion of this population remains unemployed. It is in fact a burden in the way of socio-economic development of the country,

It must have already been obvious that getting a job here is pretty tough. The competition is fierce and one must be extremely skilled on his subject to acquire a job in this market. No wonder why more than 12% of the youth in Bangladesh are unemployed.

Although if you have enough skills it will not be hard for you to get a job in the private sectors.

Cost of life

Living in Bangladesh is pretty cheap. To give you an idea about how cheap the cost of living is let’s see what you can get with $10 in Bangladesh- A full-belly snack, a bus-ride to the other end of the city, some street food, sunglasses, another snack, a book, some mango juice maybe, and a cigarette!

Moving on to the accommodation costs, an apartment in the capital city Dhaka consisting a kitchen room, a drawing room and 3 bedrooms will cost around $250-300 per month, while in other cities it will cost as low as $150-200.

The internet is very cheap too. You can get a broadband connection for only $15 per month. 

Free time

Bangladeshis are fun loving people. Youngsters spend their leisure time playing football and cricket mostly. Elders like to gossip with friends, usually in the small tea stalls called ‘Tong’. In cities people goes to nearby parks and recreation centres to spend weekend with their families.


The Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is a perfect weekend getaway destination. There are plenty of other options as well- The Saint Martin’s Island, Swandip, Monpura, Moheshkhali are the remarkable Islands to visit.

If you prefer mountains over ocean, Bangladesh has even more to offer. The Khagrachari, Bandarban and Rangamati Hill Tracks are the perfect places to hide from the maddening crowd of the city. Deep inside the dense hilly forests you can find peace under the cold fresh water of the waterfalls. 

Moreover, there are beautiful places to visit in the Sylhet District of Bangladesh. Lake, waterfall, swamp forest- what can you not find here!

Last but not the least, the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world located in the South Western part of Bangladesh, is a must visit for any tourist. It will surely be a lifetime experience.


As most people live under poverty level, the crimes are a matter of concern, especially in Dhaka city. Apart from Dhaka, other parts of Bangladesh are relatively safer. It is though recommended that any foreigner should inform the local police station before visiting that particular region of the county. For any emergency call 999, the national emergency hotline number.

More about the author

Muzakkir Masum

Born in a small city of Bangladesh, Muzakkir Masum is an explorer, traveler and a content creator. He likes to meet new people, discover new places, learn about them and share ideas through his writings. One of his dreams is to explore the whole world someday.

On his academic life he completed post-graduation on Mathematics from Shahjalal University of Science & Technology. He will be more than happy to help any foreigner visiting Bangladesh.

Discover more on www.vromonasoktoeng.wordpress.com




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