Depending on your needs, the network is full of sites and tools to help you create your own travel itinerary .

The tool that I always recommend is Google Maps  but in this article we will cover all (or almost) the possibilities that the network offers us.

Let’s start with My Maps

With Google Maps you have the possibility to create travel itineraries  marking the points to visit (being Google you can be precise and mark everything but everything!) And trace the travel route.

Watch the video to understand the possibilities of Google My Maps. How does it differ from the normal Google map? My Maps allows you to create “empty” maps in which you can insert your points of interest with the ability to label them by dividing them by type.

Why should you create your own map with My Maps?

  • Planning your trip:  if you are planning a sightseeing tour of a city, you can mark not only all the places you want to visit but also the related restaurants, pubs etc and mark routes both on foot and by car, easily accessible on your smartphone or tablet. Make your points of interest special by inserting image and description of the point and assigning a different icon for each category.

  • My Maps for teaching: teachers can create customized maps to help students understand certain geographic areas; with Google My Maps you can create colored polygons and distinguish them with different colors.

  • You can access maps from any device:  google maps are also available offline and on any device you have access to Google.

How to create maps on your mobile phone

Before leaving, download the Google My Maps app from the Google Play Store for Android. In recent years Google has made the app available for iOS devices and this is the link to download it.

Here is a brief guide for Android and a summary video for Desktop

  1. To create a new map  click on the “+” at the bottom right

  2. Choose New Map (or Open a map to find an existing map on your Google Drive to edit).

  3. Type a name for your new map. Type in the search button the city or place to be marked and choose the second option (the first will land you in that place)

  4. Add the selected place and enter it in any level.

In the desktop solution we have instead some more customization how to create the travel path, insert polygons, enter the path on foot, customize icons, insert image and description in the marker, change color to the marker. In both devices we can share our itinerary.

How to share a route created with My Maps?

We can click on the share button and choose whether to make it private , visible only by those who have the link or visible to everyone . If you want to show or embed your journey on your blog you have to choose share with everyone. Once you have done this click on the three dots (which you also see in preview of this video) and choose embed map on my site.

Use levels

Using layers is a great way to control how different types of information are displayed on the map such as using layers to color the different types of places (tokens) you plan to visit (red for important milestones) , green for those less) or you can directly use custom icons.

Google My Maps automatically offers the first level when you create a new map, so you can use it as a starting point and find it (for desktop) on the left side of your screen.


Yes, there are limits with regard to the maximum number of stages that you can enter and for which Google will have to calculate the route, but you can break it into several levels and continue where you left off. Numbers (1,2,3,4 …) are not automatically assigned for the steps you enter, but you can assign a custom icon to each stage with a number on it.

You do not like google? There are lots of other tools to create your online itinerary.




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