How much does a ten-day DIY trip to Iceland cost? What are the stages not to be missed?

Where having studied the whole guide of the Lonely Planet of Iceland we have marked our favorite stops that I report below. Attention as the itinerary has not been faithfully followed and in the story you will see some variations and reasons.

12-day itinerary in Iceland

  • Day 1:  Arrive at keflavík Reykjavík international airport. Withdrawal 4 × 4
  • Day 2: Giro veloce in Reykjavík. Þórufoss, Þingvellir, Brúarárfoss, geyser and gullfoss
  • 3 days: Haifoss, Sigöldugljufur, Seljalandsfoss, Gljufrabui, Skógafoss, Kvernufoss, Sólheimajökull
  • 4 giorno: Fjaðrárgljúfur, Dyrhólaey, reynisfjara Beach, Laki
  • 5th day: Vatnajökull
  • 6 day: Stuðlagil Canyon
  • 7 giorno: krafla, leirhnjúkur, grotta Grjótagjá
  • Day 8: Visit to the whales from Húsavík, Godafoss
  • 9 giorno:, Viking Longhouse, Hvítserkur Vatnsnesvegur
  • 10 days: Langjökull, Fagradalsfjall
  • 11 day: relax in blue lagoon


Day 1 You left
from malpensa with Wizz air paid for 760 in two with a large suitcase to stow.
Arrived at Reykjavík keflavík international airport and took suzuky jimny 4 × 4 small jeep at 790 for 10 days. Spent the evening in Reykjavík and ate a chicken and a hamburger costing 40 euros, the tap water here is the best in the world. Spent night hotel t10 ten minutes from Reykjavík paid 76 euros.

You can take a beer tour by booking here

Day 2
Quick tour to Reykjavík (we will see it better at the end but I don’t know if it’s worth it), then direction Þórufoss (waterfall) and then Þingvellir National Park . Finally Brúarárfoss (blue waterfall) geyser and gullfoss ( last huge waterfall) now we are in a very nice guesthouse 123 euros Laugaras Homestay. We ate in a very good restaurant, spent a lot (107 euros for two, it’s the normal price here) and had two lobster soups, two lamb fillets and a chocolate cake.

You can do the same itinerary on this day with this organized tour as well.

Day 3
Intense day of waterfalls .. First stop Haifoss , then Sigöldugljufur (beautiful waterfalls a little out of the way of tourists because to go there you must have 4 × 4 jeeps) at the moment they are the two most beautiful places I have seen. Then 1h50 by car to get to Seljalandsfoss (360 degree waterfall) very touristy and Gljufrabui another waterfall nearby. Then two more waterfalls at 20 min Skógafoss and Kvernufoss (this hidden waterfall is not advertised but deserves it).
10 min drive to see the beginning of a glacier in Sólheimajökull(to go to the glacier you have to do it with the appropriate equipment and with a guide) and finally we saw the wreck of the plane on the beach (it takes almost two hours of walking to get to see it, one outward and another one back ). We ate a chicken wings and two plates of trout with a side dish spent 63 euros in two .. Always drink tap water (in case the beer costs about 5 euros).

Day 4

Started the day in Fjaðrárgljúfur , then we went to see Dyrhólaey promontory where there are puffins (birds) and reynisfjara Beach , then we went to Laki, Nature reserve where there are craters of extinct volcanoes .. To go to laki it takes almost two hours by car and the road is passable only by 4 × 4 because you have to ford rivers and challenging climbs .. I with my little jeepettino have risked on the river, I was sleeping, then we slept at the Hotel Laki (nothing special, we ate buffet for 45 euros each). I specify that the two hour drive to go to laki takes to travel all the dirt road from the main road of kirkjubæjarklaustur. I risked that the river water went into the engine (google doesn’t even give you the road).


Day 5
Today day dedicated to the Vatnajökull glacier
Seen from several points: The first at Svínafellsjökull View Point, then jökulsárlón and diamond beach and finally Hoffell Glacier hiking area parking lot. We slept at Hotel Stadarborg a bit far from everything but the only one that was cheap and was on the way for today’s tour.

Day 6
First stage Stuðlagil Canyon then we had to go to askja but a river stopped our road more or less halfway and we didn’t feel like crossing it by car, so we veered for selfoss and dictates .

Day 7
We went back to the canyon because we didn’t get the photos on the right side and it deserved it! Look at what photo I will send you… Then we went to see krafla (volcanic caldera with lake), leirhnjúkur and Hverir and finally a short ride on lake myvatn with a stop at Grjótagjá cave.

Day 8
Today, as you have seen, a day dedicated to whales. With the North Sailing company we started from Húsavík (cost about 70 euros each) and lasted 3h. In total we saw 4 whales including one up close like the video I sent you.
Then we went to see a waterfall called Godafoss and briefly visited Iceland’s second city Akureyri (nn nothing fancy but it’s nice) stayed in a hotel right on the ring road convenient but basic North West Hotel & Restaurant . We saw the flowers of the akureyri botanical garden .

You can purchase a whale watching tour here.

Day 9
We went to see a rock in Hvítserkur and we hoped to see seals too but nothing, maybe because it’s summer .. Then we headed to photograph the Vikingo’s house in Eiríksstaðir – Viking Longhouse, finally we toured the whole Snaefellsnes peninsula (beautiful landscapes with the lighthouse at the end of the spectacular peninsula). Hotel Fossatún Country Hotel very quaint and we had an outdoor jacuzzi.

Day 10
From the glacier to the volcano 😎
First stage of the Langjökull glacier , spent 125 each to enter the glacier and see its tunnels. In the afternoon, however, we went to climb the mountain until we saw the lava of the volcano of Fagradalsfjall (an abundant 1h and a half of walking on the outward journey and the same on the return).

Day 11:  Relax at blue lagoon: it was our least favorite thing in Iceland. Admission costs 50-100 euros including a face mask and a drink.

You can buy tickets directly from here for the Blue Lagoon.




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