There are so many types of clothes, especially when it comes to women’s clothes. Purchases never end because designers continue to amaze us with new, increasingly innovative ideas. When we talk about travel and clothes, it is important to bring the most versatile ones, as well as the most beautiful to show.

But what exactly does it mean to have versatile clothes? For me it means having multipurpose, which can be used in multiple situations and with different temperatures. This means, for example, having a pareo that becomes shorts, a shirt or a complete dress if necessary. We clearly do not have to fill the suitcase with sarongs, but there are many other clothes that can be used both on the beach and in the evening, for example, both as light shorts and as pijamas.

I found some clothes on the femmeluxe site that are just for me and here’s what I found.

This black dress is very nice to use as a costume cover during the day, simply wearing the costume underneath and taking it off as soon as it arrives at the beach (as it looks light but keeps enough covers) but it is also very nice to use for a night on the beach by going to wear underneath one of those transparent shirts and a black skirt.

A second aspect to consider when traveling is the “to be ironed” factor. Usually in travel we have no possibility to wash and iron our clothes and as much as we can undertake to arrange everything in an orderly way in a suitcase we will always find some wrinkled clothes. This is why it is important to carry clothes that do not need to be ironed.

An example other than the previous one is this white dress, with the same function as the previous one, but wearing a transparent or colored dress (I recommend the yellow) can give a particular effect. These two clothes do not need to be ironed and to wash them you will only have to dip them in a little water and soap. Being composed of a delicate mesh I would not recommend putting them in the washing machine with a powerful centrifuge. Discover al the crochet dresses here.

Always take a T-Shirt

The third piece of advice I can give you is to bring definitely T-shirts like this one. All those you want, but in particular remember to bring a simple one, without strange designs, so that you can combine it with anything, if that garment were to be combined with those shorts you were wearing. Having simple t-shirts and leaving the possibility of combining them with more skirts or trousers is definitely the best thing. With a white shirt you will never go wrong! This in particular I think is perfect to be packed for these reasons:

It has a neutral color (and a really nice writing that reflects me 100% …)
It has a strench material thanks to which you won’t have to iron your shirt but worry about spreading it straight at least.
It’s very long. If you have shorts you can put the shirt inside (at your leisure) but if you have just returned from the sea you don’t want to wear tight shorts so as not to risk dipping them in the water of the costume … this t-shirt should be able to cover you up to legs.

The last tip for having all the perfect travel clothes is this:

Always carry something warm with you. It doesn’t matter if you are going to the beach, the evening will always be a little cold. This is why it is important to wear long trousers, especially if you are flying. Not necessarily jeans, but for example like these blacks, elegant for cooler evenings. Check out the black trousers here!

Do you have any other suggestions for having a perfect travel suitcase? Write them in the comments!

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