You travel more and more and new needs will make room. Where and how to keep track of the countries visited? At Amazon you can find maps to “scratch” to mark the countries you have visited. Or you can find Cork blackboard in which to put a pin to mark the various towns and cities and hang some photos!

A cork map is an excellent gift accompanied by photos of the countries visited together.

Here is a list of items that you can find on Amazon!

Paper Maps to scratch

Scratch the World ® poster map-to scratch away the places where you travel-the best cartographic details-storage tube/Gift Cylinder-84 x 59 cm

Luckies LUKSD Map of the world Custom, paper, Multicolor, 59.4 x 82.5 x 0.2 cm

Map of the world with flags to scratch + BONUS map of Europe to scratch! | Travel and scratch away the states you’ve visited by customizing your map

Other maps


Miss Wood Map XL-world map of cork 0.4 x60x90 cm white

Perfect Travel Map-XXL map of the planet to scratch-ideal for travellers and adventure-seekers (Poster: 83.6 x 60.5 cm)

Chaqlin collage for boys and girls school shoulder Bags backpack DrawString sport running print world map, woman, S-CC4077Z3, Map-2, S

It is the perfect map or gift for travel enthusiasts as it is a gift that allows complete customization of the map to show a unique travel story. Just take a coin and start scratching away all the destinations you’ve been lucky enough to visit creating your own evolving world map.

Not only are the countries present on the map, there are also the cities shown in the top level and the world map below, allowing you to perform more detailed scratch. This is the perfect world map to plan your next vacation when the last is disappointing and the holiday wash is in the car!

It also makes a brilliant and unique gift for the traveler in your life. The world map is printed on high quality silk art paper with a glossy finish for luxury and works exactly like a scratch card, once removed the gold scratch reveals the underlying mapping.

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