“A click to start the search and you receive the list of ferries for Corsica on selected days and at the best possible price, from here then you proceed by choosing the time of return. For a better comparison, you can also order all races by price. ”

It looks like the site traghettiper-corsica.it leaving perhaps imagine to the customer that the price on their site is the best possible price. But is it really so?

It is not unusual to find a lesser rate on booking than on the website of the hotel concerned but it is in most cases an unwanted mistake. Long ago it was not possible to set a lower price on its site than in booking as against their policies.

Today things have changed and it is in the interest of every hoter to have the best rates directly on their site (to avoid the booking fees) even if sometimes this does not happen. This talk is to introduce you to the fact that you will not find better price in this case if not directly from the company’s website. But let’s see together a price comparison for a quote for Corsica departing on August 3.




Another quote:

And finally the price on the site of the direct concerned. As you can see we went from a quote of 92 euros for the same route at a final price of 61 euros (with 4 euro discount on the first purchase on the site registering by entering your email-the discount is applied directly to the first booking even if not visible )

Only note: Be careful to uncheck each tick, including that of breakfast that does not seem to increase in price but I honestly do not know what to do at the end of the reservation.

Always remember the insurance for your trip here—> online insurance

You will find in the annex your title of travel, to be presented at the time of boarding.
If the document is unreadable, you can reprint it from the Address Book Block_Notes, selecting the item printing your ticket.
Here you will also find information about access to ports, on-board services and our conditions of transport.
Your reservation:

Summary of your trip
Image  Went Savona 03/08/18 21:45
Image  Return Bastia/Savona 13/08/18 20:00
General Total €61.24
Your Tick-e-mail must be shown to the staff in the port of Embarkation square on the day of departure. You will be given the access sticker on board.
If you embark without a vehicle, introduce yourself at least 30 minutes before the ferry departs; If you embark with the vehicle, introduce yourself at least 1 hour before the ferry departs.


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