A tour of the wonders that Lake Como can offer. Below the map with many itineraries and points of interest to the lake and surroundings. In the tourist information offices there should also be a guide for various walks in the province of Como.

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Villa Monastero is located in Varenna in the province of Lecco, the inplaster (5 euros only gardens/8 Euro Gardens + House Museum) (from 1 March to 1 November) gives access to the botanical garden and the small labyrinth towards the end of the route.

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And to rest on the lakefront Varenna Coffee offers a break with flakes

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To enjoy a view of the city of Como from Alto Brunate is a pleasant stop where you can also eat in a restaurant with "Bellavista" (€ € €).


Ezzonian Refuge

If you are a young Baldi, you can't stretch your legs for a 3-hour walk to the Ezzonian hut. The road is long but the view and the lunch deserve it all! The route is also feasible for beginner hikers although very tiring.

Do you prefer comfort? From Argegno you can take the cable car to get to lazy and to admire the landscape without fatigue.


The ravine of Nesso is a suggestive natural gorge in which a waterfall is thrown. You can reach the highest part with the car while you have to face 340 steps to reach the end of the steps and admire the bridge up close.

Pian di Spain

At the far north of the lake we find this nature reserve that extends for 1600 hectares and offers personalized routes, guided tours and much more to this address.

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