Is the new trends of internet and some dogs are so good at it that really seems to freeze

But how they do that?


  1. To teach this trick you will need to concentrate and completely focus your dog.
  2. This is different to all of the other tricks because it expects your dog to do absolutely nothing and he will be desperate to do something. The idea is to quickly and consistently reinforce his stillness whilst introducing the command.
  3. You may need to reinforce every second to begin with until he gets the idea, but when he knows the command your dog will find complete stillness great fun.
  4. This may take several sessions to teach but it is an original trick and you will feel a great sense of achievement when your dog will freeze on command until released.

Top tip; Teach this trick when your dog is tired, you will have more chance of him focusing than if he is full of energy.

Dog trainers love this trick because it requires the ultimate timing and skill to teach.

I would think it all starts with basic obedience training. a strong recall….and a firm understanding of stay….along with a down sit or stand comand…..once you have taught your dog a down comand. it should down untill you release it.

I throw him a ball, say Stop! and hold him. Then let him go.
After we practice it, I’d let him start chasing the ball and then say stop!

Those dogs are obedient because of lots of training . I cannot even calculate how many hours we spend working with him and we still do, every day, because of his behavior problems.


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