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A trip made when the situation in the country was more stable. Whatever the situation I recommend in any case to rely on tour operators (cheap in Turkey, do not risk that you stop the car in the middle of nowhere, you do not have to drive for now, no risk) and avoid the do-it-yourself. (In any case you can take a cue from this guide)
I entrusted to the offer of the company Cocktail tour operator (which I had never heard) that with about 1200 euros for two weeks made me do a complete tour of a week for Turkey, and in the last week of the sea in a structure at 4-5 stars (or Bodrum or Antalya). I recommend Bodrum although to me being a last minute I was touched Antalya. 🙂
Some stages-hotel-restaurants were very nice, other meno…ci you have to settle a little. There are two different types of Tours: Sea + tour or tour + sea. I recommend the second option so you will have all the time to relax after days spent on the coach (these type of offers also vary depending on the city of departure in Italy)
Having passed a couple of years the hotels you stay in have changed.

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1st day (Friday): Italy/Istanbul
Individual departure from Italy with scheduled flights to Istanbul. Arrival and transfer organized to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

The first hotel that hosted us in Istanbul 5 star was really nice, the Dedeman hotel, for the first evening dinner (not included) we went to the top floor (10) to enjoy a lovely view of almost 360 ° on the city.

Istanbul. jpg

2nd day: Istanbul

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to the old town. Whole morning dedicated to the visit of the main monuments: the Byzantine hippodrome, where the races of the chariot were held; Visit of the obelisks and the Church of Saint Sophia, a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture, wanted by Justinian to affirm the grandeur of the Roman Empire. Lunch in the restaurant. Visit Topkapi Palace (the Harem section is optional), a sumptuous residence of sultans for almost four centuries, whose architecture with magnificent décor and furnishings testify to the Power and majesty of the Ottoman Empire. Visit the Grand Bazaar, the largest indoor market in the world, featuring a domed roof and a maze of alleys and streets. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. Optional (on-site payment): Bosphorus Cruise to admire both the Asian and European sides of the city and its most important palaces, mosques and fortresses.

Usually the visit to Istanbul is not included and for a fee. In this case you can easily arrange yourself or organizzandovi in groups of 4 (in this way you can divide the costs of the taxi) and make the same tour. (Indeed, I also opted for a boat ride on the Bosforo…li sell the local boys at low cost, found them in the square)
Go early to Topkapi (before 9 and buy your ticket already.. Even through a taxi driver) otherwise you will find a row.
Take a tour in both the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian (Spices Bazaar)… the latter best both for the handicapped prices and for the atmosphere.. The other one is a little more chaotic. Remember to first make a round to the bazaar before buying something because the risk of spending twice the price is high.. Always Haggle!

It is not necessary and advises to take the buses. You can use taxis and walk around to see the main activities without any problems.

Boat ride


3 ° Day: Istanbul/Ankara (450 km)

Breakfast in the hotel and departure for the capital of Turkey: Ankara. Pass by the Euroasia Bridge and continue via highway. Arrival in Ankara and lunch in restaurant. In the afternoon visit of the Hittite Museum (of Anatolian Civilizations) and of the Mausoleum of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. Transfer to the Hotel Anemon 4 *, dinner and overnight stay.

Passage from the Bridge of Eurasia 

(Here a short movie with the beautiful music that accompanied the view, you can skip the first part with the dog.. and click the movie in Half:D)

Breakfast at the hotel. Whole day dedicated to the visit of Cappadocia: the famous "fairy chimneys", volcanic tuff mushrooms created by centuries of water and wind work. Visit the Goreme Open-air museum with its rock-hewn churches and the Guvercinlik Valley. Lunch in the restaurant. In the afternoon visit of Ozkonak (or Saratli), one of the most famous underground cities in the world. Visit to a laboratory for the processing and sale of semiprecious stones, gold and silver. Stop at a local cooperative that produces the famous Turkish carpets. After returning to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay. Optional (on-site charge): At the first light of dawn you can participate in the balloon trip to admire the breathtaking lunar landscape of Cappadocia. (Price about 150)

You can find a good price for a balloon flight here


6th day: Cappadocia/Konya/Pamukkale (630 km)

After breakfast departure to Konya through valleys and mountain ranges, with a short stop to visit the caravanserai of Sultanhani (13th century), today museum. Arrival in Konya, a city linked to the founder of the Dervishes: Mevlana, a contemporary Muslim mystic in St. Francis. You will visit his tomb and the monastery with the characteristic dome of blue Majolica. Lunch in the restaurant. Continuation to Pamukkale. Arrival in the evening and transfer to the hotel Lycus River 59. Dinner and overnight stay. Possibilibità to bathe in the thermal water pools of the hotel.

Day 7: Pamukkale/Izmir (225 km)

Breakfast at the hotel and visit the ancient town of Hierapolis and the famous petrified waterfalls. Lunch in the restaurant. Stop at a leather goods. Afternoon dedicated to the visit of Ephesus with the Temple of Hadrian, the Library of Celsio and the Great Theatre. Visit to the last residence of the Virgin Mary and continuation to Izmir. Transfer to the hotel Anemon Fuar 4 *. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. After dinner we recommend a walk in the center of Izmir (Izmir), the third largest city in the country and probably the most beautiful one after Istanbul.

Pammukkale is a very nice but very busy site.. But just move to "the exit" to find mini natural pools without people!

Day 8: Towards Antalya

The distribution of the stages/days is not exactly the one I made (Istanbul 3 days instead of 2) but the tour is that. After Pammukkale usually the tour ends and you head towards the established seaside resort. Antalya is not exactly the best however bathing them was still pleasant (warm and limpid water). Prefer Bodrum!

Other tour operators that offer a good price tour are turquoise trips

and pictures edited by Tildesigner

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