TREEHOUSE IN ITALY BARTHEL HOUSE  Address: Via Volterrana, Florence, Toscane, Italy THE PLANTED SUITE BLEUE TREEHOUSE Address: Provincial Road 113, 01010 Arlena di Castro VT, Italie   THE MONFERRATO AROMA (N) RICA TREEHOUSE Address: Frazione Frescondino, San Salvatore Monferrato, Alessandria, Italy AIRBNB The Breath of Horses – Civenna, Lombardia From € 39 for the whole apartment La Quiete – birch tree house, Pamparato, Piedmont From 112 € Ciabot Rosso Tree House Limone Piemonte From 130 € La Quiete – Tree House Pamparato, Piedmont  Tree house overlooking the gulf, Scario, Campania The tree house, Lentella, Abruzzo  Tree House, Casciana Terme, Tuscany Unique experience! sleep in aRead More →

Boat excursion to Murano, Burano and Torcello Why take a discounted (and expensive) trip on a gondola when you can make a wonderful tour to discover the Venetian islands? A cruise in the Venetian Lagoon and visit the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, the most famous among the Venetian islands, known throughout the world for their characteristic landscape, craftsmanship and history. EXPLORE HERE THE TOUR (cost 20 euros) Cruise and visit the most famous islands of Venice, known throughout the world for their characteristic landscape, craft traditions and unique history. You will start from Piazza San Marco and during the tour you can admireRead More →

Fly over the mountains, lakes and fertile lands of Lombardy and Tuscany with a balloon flight from Lodi: discover the magic of flying pushed by the wind and the fire, climb to an altitude of 6000 meters and float in the air admiring splendid landscapes! Let yourself be carried away by the wind during a thrilling balloon flight Admire a splendid view of the region’s lakes and vineyards Celebrate your landing with a glass of champagne Discover the magical sensation you feel when flying over the lakes, vineyards and rolling hills of Lombardy and Tuscany, taking advantage of this sensational 1-hour balloon flight from Lodi.Read More →

Lake Tovel is an alpine lake located in the municipality of Ville d’Anaunia in Val di Non (Province of Trento) at a height of 1178 m. The lake is certainly one of my favorites thanks to the color of its water that reflects the surrounding landscape and transparency. For me it is one of the most magical places, like that of Carezza. About 60 years ago the lake was famous for the reddish color it assumed during certain times of the year, a fact that no longer occurs. To enjoy every glimpse of the lake it is possible to make a round trip along itsRead More →

In This map I gathered (and constantly update) all points of Lombardy and North Italy deserving of a visit. Most of the points marked here are easily reached, if you are looking for breathtaking points (synonymous with places impervious) then continue reading. Below I will show you some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve been able to photograph in Lombardy. The list is still missing as many as Livigno, the walk (for hikers) to the Twin Lakes, the whole Valtellina (link for the panoramic trekking from Malghera to Schiazzera). The upper town of Bergamo, the villas in Tremezzina and more generally those of Lake Como, TheRead More →

What was the name of that restaurant where we stayed last week? Well Google knows it. He knows where you’ve been, where you’ve been shopping, what path you’ve made. All this if you have a Gmail account and you have enabled the location history On the Google support page you can access the settings. You want to know where you’ve been all these years? Click here (If you are logged in with the mail and you have enabled the location history you should be able to see the Google map with the points you have visited) SEGUICI SUI SOCIAL! Ci puoi trovare su Instagram sottoRead More →

The top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in Italy + more 96 according to the environmental organization Legambiente. An overview of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. In the book "Blue Guide", all beaches in Italy for a total of 128 beaches with different nominal parameters In 2015 were 147 the Italian towns and 280 the beaches awarded with the Blue Flag, the recognition awarded by the FEE (Foundation for environmental Education) to the municipalities respectful of certain criteria of quality of the water, the services offered and Environmental management. The annual list is a useful help for coastal tourism in the choice of summerRead More →

A tour of the wonders that Lake Como can offer. Below the map with many itineraries and points of interest to the lake and surroundings. In the tourist information offices there should also be a guide for various walks in the province of Como. Varenna Villa Monastero is located in Varenna in the province of Lecco, the inplaster (5 euros only gardens/8 Euro Gardens + House Museum) (from 1 March to 1 November) gives access to the botanical garden and the small labyrinth towards the end of the route. And to rest on the lakefront Varenna Coffee offers a break with flakes Brunate To enjoyRead More →

By clicking on the icon next to the map title you can access the map levels; From here turn on or off the various sections for more clarity of display. Click on the different names or on the icons for more info of each counter. Immediately after passing through the Riviera del Conero I headed to Matera, as a point of support to head to Alberobello (if you go to Salento and pass through these places you can not visit!) passed the beautiful Ostuni from the white houses I headed Towards the first point of support in Salento; Porto Cesareo. Immediately after passing through theRead More →

The mytripmap site uses the map made available by Google to create an itinerary or travel maps / placeholders. In our articles and in particular in the “itineraries” category you can see our personal use of travel maps. Alternatively, you can also use one of the tools described in this article: If instead you want to continue with the google guide: Through the Google My Maps site it  is possible to create a travel itinerary by inserting the stages , points of interest , and a whole series of icons to better represent everything you can think of marking on the map (points of interest, monuments, restaurants ..) You can create routes by car, bike and on foot, add comments and photos directly from google in a very easyRead More →